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Attending an interview? Improve your body language to create a good impression

Published On: 22 Jan 2013 | Last Updated On: 22 Jan 2013

Excited about the interview call? You brush up your domain knowledge, read up on the company, browse for current affairs as well as some important statistics and are ready to impress the panel. But are you ready? Are your non-verbal communication skills speaking positively of you? Yes, the panel is scrutinizing your body language. You might be saying all the right things, but if your body language speaks otherwise, your chances may not be too positive. Therefore, it is equally important for you to improve your body language.

So what are few pointers you should keep in mind?

  • Remember, you are assessed from the time you walk into the interview room. Avoid adjusting your clothes and hair while walking in. Tidy up before you walk in.
  • Follow the person leading you to the panel. This shows that you respect and understand protocol.  Greet everyone and make eye contact with each panel member.
  • When you extend a handshake, do so with your palm facing upwards. This indicates honesty and sincerity.
  • Take your seat only when you are offered to sit. Sit comfortably and avoid leaning backwards as t indicates arrogance and boredom.  At the same time leaning forward may indicate nervousness. Sit with both feet on the ground and do not cross your legs.
  • Take control of your gestures. Do not nod your head too many times. This indicates that you are desperate to agree with the panel.  Avoid looking down as it signals judgmental and negative attitude.
  • Maintaining eye contact is crucial to express confidence.  Hold eye contact for atleast 10 seconds before you look at another panel member. This does not mean you stare without a break. Staring can be intimidating.
  • Crossing your arms indicate defensiveness or closed mind. Keep your hands on your lap or knees, but do not grip them tightly as is indicates you are tense.
  • Scratching your neck, rubbing your nose or eyes can be indications that you don’t believe in what you are saying.
  • Once the interview is over, do not let go of your composure. Collect your belongings calmly, shake hands with the leading panel member if not with everyone else and leave with a smile. A confident goodbye is equally important to improve the impression.

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