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Get ready with Group Discussion Topics

Published On: 04 Feb 2010 | Last Updated On: 04 Feb 2010
If you have got a GD PI call from a top MBA Institute, you must be feeling that half the battle is won. But before you let these flights of fancy take control on one more step you need to clear. The GD PI hurdle. This is where multiple call getters fall by the wayside year after year! Although GD’s are the norm, many a time, particularly at  IIM Ahmedabad  , we have seen case studies being the norm rather than GD’s. A case study is a small factual description of a situation. It could be anything from the financial woes of a company to climate change.

Group Discussions are a tool by the means of which institutes can assess how good a candidate is at influencing people. Although it is said that what is tested in a GD is your communication skills and interpersonal skills but what is tested is Impact. By Impact it is meant once you have left the room what sort of a tangible feeling have you left in the panelists minds? This boils down to how much influence you had in the group in the few minutes you were together. Specific instances or specific points are rarely remembered by the panelists. If any attention is paid to specifics it is only towards the negatives. For instance indulging in loud and abrasive behavior is a sure shot ticket out of the room and the B-School.
You need to realize that the GD and the PI provide you the best opportunity to put across your credentials to the faculty. You might not be from an IIT, you might have a gap year, you might be from an unconventional educational background or you might not have significant work experience; but if you can put across yourself as an articulate person at this stage, your  chances of getting through are significantly higher.

Here is a list of some GD Topics that have appeared at various institutes:

IIM Ahmedabad

 1) How should management students manage their time between academics and extra curricular activities.
2) Rohan Wishes to Go abroad for higher studies but his parents are against it for safety reasons.  What should Rohan do?
3) Should Gambling be legalized?

IIM Bangalore

1) MBAs should be taxed at higher rates in the country.
2) Are we raising a generation of burnt out children?
3) The government should stop funding the IITs and the IIMs and, instead, divert the funds to primary education.

IIM Calcutta

1) Is bureaucracy a hindrance to economic reforms in India?
2) Under Indian parliamentary democracy it is impossible to ensure balanced regional development.
3) For the poorer sections of society, a state controlled economy is better than a liberalized economy.

IIM Lucknow

1)  Corruption is the main outcome of democracy in India.
2) The formation of European Union has a drastic effect on India’s trade.
3) Knowledge is the awareness of one’s ignorance.

FMS Delhi have got an added round of extempore.

1) Computers result in unemployment.
2) The parliamentary form of democracy has failed in India.
3) Consumer satisfaction should be achieved at any cost.

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