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GRE Scoring Pattern

Published On: 08 Mar 2012 | Last Updated On: 03 Jul 2012

GRE test scores are the total marks acquired in GRE test which can be utilized for taking admissions to various graduate programs in universities and colleges based in UK, Canada and USA. These scores are valid for 5 years. In August 2011, ETS announced changes in GRE exam. Revised GRE exam has a changed exam pattern, scoring format and syllabus.

New GRE scoring format

As per the new GRE scoring format the scoring scale has been changed. Old GRE consisted of 10 points increments while new GRE scoring format has 1 point increments. The objective of reducing the reporting metric is to give scores that do not inflate small differences in performance of the candidates.

The new GRE pattern score scale:

New GRE Quantitative: 130—170 score scale, in 1 point increments

New GRE Verbal: 130-170 score scale, in 1 point increments

Analytical writing: this section will continue to be measured on the sale of 0-6, in half point increments.

Now the possible score is stretched out to 41 which implies that similar number of candidates appearing in GRE test will be assessed under 41 scores than 71. This will further make it difficult for the schools to judge the candidates only on the basis of scores. Candidates will now be required to have a strong application to ensure admission in their desired schools.

GRE test Scores

GRE consists of 2 formats namely; Computer based test (CBT) and Paper based test (PBT). Both follow same scoring patterns where total marks allotted in a particular section is based on the number of correct answers including the difficulty level of questions.

In CBT an applicant is asked to solve a set of questions of difficulty level pertaining to their abilities. The scores are calculated on the basis of number of questions attempted, statistical properties of questions and number of correct answers.

In PBT the difference between the difficulty levels of questions is lesser and score equating method is used to adjust the difficulty level among questions. The final score is calculated on the basis of total number of questions attempted.

The result of GRE test consists of 4 different scores; overall score and separate section wise scores. The quantitative and verbal sections are measured on a score scale ranging between 130-170 and 1 point increments. Each section is of 800 thus making a total score of 1600 for the first 2 sections. The writing assessment section is calculated separately on a scale of 0-6 with half point increments.

The average score for the quantitative and verbal section is 470 and 570. Candidates appearing for CBT can view their scores online generally 15 days after the test date while PBT test takers can view their points 6 weeks after taking the exam.

Apart from the GRE scores, report also mentions the percentage of candidates scoring less than you. The new scoring pattern of GRE ensures more reliable Results.

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