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GRE Vocabulary

Published On: 16 Apr 2012 | Last Updated On: 09 May 2012

Preparing for your Graduate record exam (GRE)? If yes, then make sure to invest in a program that would help you to increase your vocabulary, to a large extent. Experts suggest that most students are unaware about how imperative it is to have sound verbal and vocabulary skills, and how it could tremendously help you to do well in these exams.

How and why? As the structure of the examination paper consists of three sections i.e. verbal multiple choices, quantitative multiple choice, and analytical writing that basically tests your vocabulary skills, and determines your ability to answer questions in the examination, and most importantly, helps you understand the questions better, good understanding and grammatical knowledge is essential to do well in the GRE exam.

On the contrary to the popular belief, the GRE exam is not just about how good you are at academics, in fact at least two sections (including analogies and antonyms) that involves the excessive usage of vocabulary. So get your basics in grammar right. As a beginner, make sure to emphasize on the basic level of grammar i.e. nouns, adverbs, articles and tenses and then move on to sentence formation.

Studies show that most students have enrolled themselves for online courses and software packages in the recent times, to improve their vocabulary skills, as the benefits of improving ones verbal skills are immense.

Several counselor’s across the globe have stated that when students understand questions better, they are able to answer them well and bring out the concepts in an appropriate manner, which in fact helps them score better grades with the same amount of knowledge they possess, which is indeed a great thing for most candidates wanting to appear for the exam.

Time management helps! While appearing for the examination, every minute counts. So having adequate vocabulary knowledge would help you read and comprehend questions a lot easily, and hence, save a lot of time.

10 tips to improve your vocabulary skills:

The Verbal Reasoning section measures your ability to analyze and draw conclusions from discourse, understand multiple levels of meaning, select important points and understand the meanings of sentences and entire texts. GRE Verbal section is nothing more than an advanced vocabulary test.

GRE Mock Test: There are so many GRE mock tests available on the internet. Candidates can take the different GRE mock test and based on the score progress you can improve your skill. For GRE Mock test please visit here.

Invest in a good quality vocabulary program: Invest in a good quality vocabulary program. Some of the best vocabulary software packages are available today. Choose a best study guide and learn new words to improve your vocabulary skill.

Taking notes is also a good way to improve your GRE vocabulary skill, since it will help you to remember more words.

Find out your weakness: Take a few GRE practice tests this will help you to identify your weaker areas while practicing the test ascertain that why the answer you chosen was wrong and preparing a list of incorrect answers will help you in knowing you weak areas. It will improve your GRE vocabulary in the long run.

Hints to remember new words: The best method to remember the new words is to use the newly learned words while making new sentences.

Regularly test progress: Regularly take the GRE practice tests and make a note for the all score in such a practice test; it will help you to track your progress. Based on the mock test score you can find out your weakness in a particular section and you can spend more time practicing on that particular section.

Improvement is the key to success: In GRE verbal study, the visible improvement is must. Keep learning the tips to remember the words, learning new words, and finding the new study materials.

Practice regularly: To improve your GRE verbal section score, practicing every day is a must. The test score depends on how much you practice daily. For practicing you can use one or two study materials at once, once you finish with that then you can move to next. Do not use too many materials at once.

Be optimistic:  In GRE Verbal score, one of the main capacity is your frame of mind. The interest to improve your scores in GRE verbal section will help you in identifying new tips and allocate time to crack the GRE verbal section. Be optimistic while attending the final examination.

Be confident and relax during the final exam rather than panicking and losing marks unnecessarily. While going to the final exam keep a cool head and read the questions carefully before giving the answers.

Good Luck!!

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