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Survey on GRE test-takers across the world reveal interesting trends

Published On: 30 Oct 2014 | Last Updated On: 30 Oct 2014

A new global survey on Graduate Record Examination (GRE) test-takers has revealed certain interesting trends. The study sought to find out the examination preparation habits of GRE test-takers throughout the world.

Close to 18,000 students belonging to over 150 countries were covered in the survey.

As per a release from the Educational Testing Services (ETS), Indian students who prepare for the GRE are leading the list of students engaged in late night study, at around 29%. ETS develops as well as conducts the test.

The survey reports show that a majority of the candidates prepare for the test for a short period only. The most common duration of study among students across the world, which includes those from India, range from around one month to less than three months. Among aspirants from India, around 44% start their study preparations merely one to three months before the examination.

Indian examinees prefer online study groups in a big way. Around 40% stated that group study has been a part of their preparation, in comparison with the global share of 21%. Indian students mostly prefer to study at home (over 80%).

Moreover, GRE aspirants from India and China were almost thrice in terms of preference to study with friends, compared to students from the United States (US).

Over 50,000 Indian candidates appear for the GRE each year to pursue postgraduate (PG) studies overseas. The majority of the candidates are from the state of Andhra Pradesh, followed by Delhi as well as Bangalore. Mumbai and Chennai jointly hold the fourth place.

GRE is a standard test for admissions to various graduate schools based in US and other English-speaking countries as well as for business and graduate programs taught in English across the globe. The test aims to test the candidates’ skills in Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning and Analytical Writing. Its popularity has increased immensely over the years and an increased number of graduate and business schools (B-schools) from across the world have started accepting GRE scores to grant admission to students.

Source: The Times of India

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