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Symbiosis Virtual Fair 2017

Grab your position: National Institute of Design Admissions 2018-19 (M.Des, B.Des, and GDPD)

Have you realized your inborn designing talent? Want to take it to professional levels? Are you searching for a support? National Institute of Design is always the best place for you to learn and develop excellent designing skills and techniques. Also you will be given the best platform to present... Read more

MSc-PhD Biotechnology Integrated Program : Regional Centre for Biotechnology

Have you ever thought of the answers for food crisis across the globe? Have you ever thought of saving millions by creating some medicines? Or have you ever thought of the increase in the cost of food and medicine? If you have done so then you are definitely reading the right article. The answer to... Read more

Post Graduate Programme in Infrastructure Finance, Development and Management: NICMAR

Have you thought of the most stable, unstoppable and important Industry for a nation? It is Infrastructure. Every politician involves infrastructure development in his agenda. Whether it might be bullet train or metro these projects are strict time bound and any delay in the project may lead to... Read more

Recruitment through Campus Placements is slowing down

Indian education system has an added advantage of on-campus placement, where a maximum number of students get their job. This system came into place to facilitate the hiring for software Organizations during the boom in the software industry. While the trend has continued and was well adapted across... Read more

MSc. Food and Drink Innovation from Abertay University UK

Food and Drinking Industry are two segments of FMCG which offer lucrative jobs and are growing at a rapidly fast pace but still maintain a low-key. Chains like Subway, KFC, Pizza Hut, Dominoes and Soft drinks like Coke and Pepsi are all great examples of these massive names. The other big segment of... Read more

MA in Theater - Costume Design and Technology: Ohio University

Ever wondered who designs those fancy dresses for Game of Thrones? Have you ever thought who brings in the feel of different cultures on Star Wars, Narnia, and other great movies? Have you ever thought who created this magic for you and how did they do it? Well, the answers to all your questions lie... Read more

Medicine from American University of Barbados: An Overview

Medicine - for some, it is a profession; for some others, it is a dream. Medicine is unlike any other profession. It is not only to make money or a livelihood but to touch and change the lives of many people. So, medicine holds a very important place in the education system. Only a good teacher can... Read more

PG Diploma in Global Business & Finance: Stella Maris College (Autonomous)

Globalization is the key to all the business activities across the world. Companies are increasingly becoming multinational and the border restrictions are slowly diminishing. The world is truly becoming a single village. In this scenario of a global village, challenges are also coming up new, which... Read more