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IIM Ranchi organizes TEDxIIMRanchi

Published On: 04 Feb 2013 | Last Updated On: 04 Feb 2013

Continuing the spirit of TEDx, IIM Ranchi once again hosted TEDX IIM RANCHI highlighting the achievements of people from various walks of life who chose to pursue their dreams diligently inspite of the vagaries and difficulties life throws at them . The event was conducted on the 3rd of February at hotel Radisson blu.The theme of the event being “DREAM DARE DO “. It witnessed conglomeration of14 speakers from diverse fields and a multitude of dignitaries from in and around Ranchi who attended the event. The TED talks provided a valuable insight into various complications faced by people and their ideas of emerging victorious. Madhulika S. emphasized on quality education through social engagements and learning through innovative techniques like origami, poetry and art. She has to her account 650 donors who visit existing schools and bridge the gap between conventional and unconventional modes of learning.

Captain Navin Gulia, paralyzed waist down, who cut short his army career to start a centre for street children called Aashiyan ADAA shared his idea which connects meeting new people with being equivalent to living another life. He talked about his firm belief in the absence of quick fix solutions and how a state of permanent happiness is the key to success. While Dr. Subroto Das sketched the emergence of his EMS “Lifeline” to his personal experience of meeting an accident on a rainy night back in 1999. He focussed on the value of life being impeccable and his deep regrest to the mounting number of highway accidents. Moving from the power of real life experiences to the power of rumours Rahul Roushan – the man behind Faking news stressed on not following borrowed dreams and doing away with the fear of failure.Mr. Amitabh Chaudhary, the man behind propagating the spirit of cricket in Ranchi talked about his mounting failures and in coming up with a world renowned stadium in the State of Jharkhand. He expressed his deep indebtedness to the ones who revolted, for they are the ones who lead you to real success. Mr. Anshu Gupta, the founder of Goonj, echoed his concerns regarding how, for some, a basic need becomes a luxury. While Mr. Gupta talked about one reason behind death being the winter chill, Mr. Sandeep Maheshwari talked about the other being obesity, he revealed his fight against the biggest killer of the world and how conviction and determination can help lead a happy life. Mr. Nand Lal Nayak shared his life transition a boy running along rail tracks to a man full of passion and his endeavour in inculcating Jharkhand culture and traditions. 

Faith Gonsalves talked about the power of music in bringing life to the destitute, who have aspirations as one of the most powerful tools of upward mobility. Music ,according to the CNN IBN “Real Heroes” award recipient gives a voice to these aspirations. Moving to the field of information technology , Mr. R.N. Prasad , the former head of business intelligence and analytics division at Infosys  brought home the idea of Data. In his words , today is an era of multiple responsibilities where data science combined with contextual awareness can lead to smarter decision making. Close home, Mr. Manish Kumar founder of Farms and Farmers talked about bringing technology to farming across 5 districts of Bihar. He identified the nature of great undertakings as being perennially characterised by obstacles.

The thought Inspiring talks were interspersed by an enthralling and brilliant performance by a Bangalore based band “Thermal and a Quarter” which was a musical tribute to the co existence of bipolar extremities in India. Ahdaf Soueif expressed her belief in music , dance and creativity which can bring about peace. She referred to India as being the country of ‘country of contrasts’ and how the dynamic environment should exhibit freedom of expression. Mr. Santosh Sharma discussed about a much talked about phenomenon “Dissolving the box” which criticizes slavery and emphasizes on the passion to follow your dreams. He also talked about the lifestyle model devised by him to eradicate the major problems of India. Last but not the least , Mr. Tejas Modak talked about the power of stories and comics that make sad things a little less sad and happy stories more happier.

The event was attended by an array of key personnel ranging from Justice Vkiramaditya Prasad, DIG Lakhra, I.G. Anurag Gupta to corporate heads from business houses like Mecon Ltd., Sail Ltd., Aditya Birla Group , Jharkraft and Reliance. The event was organized in association with the Jharkhand Police , Central Bank, Jharcraft, Mecon Ltd., Parle to name a few.

The event hosted by Ms. Ira Trivedi, a renowned author who elegantly convened the event, was a platform for the infusion as well as discussion of various ideas based on the theme of Dream Dare Do. The event altogether was an excellent initiative by IIM Ranchi towards spreading new ideas and accomplishing identified goals.

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