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HDFC Loans for Students to study abroad (Higher studies)

Published On: 12 Mar 2018 | Last Updated On: 28 Mar 2018

About HDFC Loan

With growing costs of education, the expenditure on children's education is one of the highest components of expenditure by an average Indian household. Over the past seven years, HDFC Credila has invested time and resources to set up appropriate systems, processes and know-how related to the education industry and has numerous databases on education sector and their credit scoring model for the approvals of loans, designed specifically for student loans.

With specialized focus, in-depth understanding of the requirements of students who wish to pursue higher education, HDFC Credila offers Customized Education Loans Home Delivered! HDFC Credila, an HDFC Ltd. Company, is India's First Dedicated Education Loan Company. HDFC Credila Financial Services pioneered the concept of specialist Education Loan lender and became India's First Dedicated Education Loan Company.


  • At HDFC Credila we understand the requirements pertaining to the Australian education and provide customized education loan products.
  • HDFC Credila's customized products help you to avail loan approval even before your confirmed admission.
  • HDFC Credila provides unsecured (collateral free) educational loans to selected courses.
  • HDFC Credila helps you to transfer your money to your college/University account in Australian dollors.
  • HDFC Credila has funded thousands of students to pursue higher education in various Universities in Australia


  • Germany has become a popular destination for international students, which is proven by the fact that it has the third largest international student population in the world. This is because Germany has some of the best universities in the world.
  • Every year thousands of Indian students go to Germany for their higher education or to pursue research at Germany's world class universities that have cutting-edge research facilities and infrastructure. Around 17 universities in Germany have made it to the world's 250 top ranking universities.
  • HDFC Credila understands the various courses at Degree and Diploma level offered by colleges and Universities in the Germany.
  • Around half of the Indian students opt for engineering studies, followed by Natural Sciences to study in Germany.

Opening a Blocked Account (Sperrkonto) in German Bank: HDFC Credila pre-visa disbursement helps you to get funds in your "Sperrkonto" account before you go for Visa process

Living expenses in Germany are more than tuition fees. HDFC Credila understands this and launched customized education loan products and solutions where the funding can be arranged at the right stage for the deserving candidates.

Unison of Research and Application has imparted a competitive advantage to the German Education System at compare to other countries.

HDFC Credila has funded thousands of students to pursue higher education in various Universities in Germany

Other countries include Canada, France, Singapore, UK, New Zealand etc. 

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