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Career of a Criminal Lawyer in India

Published On: 05 Apr 2012 | Last Updated On: 04 Jul 2012

Are you planning to opt for a career in criminal law in India? Criminal law is branch of law that deals with legal cases related to criminal offences. Some of the areas of criminal law that you could specialize in as a criminal lawyer are Cyber-crime, domestic violence, violence against women, murder, sexual abuse (Rape), criminal trial, and forensic science.

As thrilling and challenging as it gets, the work profile of a criminal lawyer in India is not easy, and requires tremendous patience to work on cases for long hours, analytical power and great interpersonal skills- your ability to communicate and convince the judge in favor of your client plays an imperative role in determining how good a criminal lawyer you are.

As a criminal lawyer, you could either choose to work as a public defender or work as a private criminal lawyer.

The job of a criminal lawyer mainly revolves around interacting with the clients, collecting actual facts and evidences by interviewing witnesses, along with communicating with the police and researching in detail about the background of case, and finally appearing before the court to defend your client who is accused of a criminal offense.

Because of the increase in criminal cases and exploitation against several sections of the Indian society, the opportunities in the field of criminal law are immense due to which the demand for talented criminal lawyers has profoundly increased over the recent times in the country.

In order to pursue criminal law, you will have to go in for masters in criminal justice or criminology once you are done with your bachelors in Law.

In the initial stages of your career as a criminal lawyer, you will have to assist a professional criminal lawyer for experience in order to gain an insight on several aspects of criminal law. A criminal lawyer plays the role of an advisor, as well as an advocate to the clients.

The career of criminal lawyer involves undertaking the responsibility of representing and defending your client, who is accused of committing a crime, and presenting the facts in the favor of your client in a manner that would prove his innocence.

Though the field of  criminal law is mainly a male dominated one, with most male lawyers opting to work as criminal lawyers, the recent times have witnessed an increase in the number of female lawyers in this field. In situations where the accused is unable to appoint a lawyer to defend him in the court, a public defender represents the individual.

The remuneration of a well-known criminal lawyer in India is extremely high along with several other benefits and the average salary of an experienced criminal lawyer is about a few lakhs, thus the career of an established criminal lawyer is indeed a very rewarding one. However, as a beginner or trainee, you could expect a salary of about Rs. 15,000 as your starting pay, which will gradually increase with time, the number of cases you handle, and the clients you deal with.

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