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Career of a Patent Attorney in India

Published On: 09 Apr 2012 | Last Updated On: 04 Jul 2012

Are you keen on to pursuing a profession in patent law? If yes, then maybe you should really consider the option of working as a patent attorney in India.

A career in patent law is gaining immense popularity in the country over the recent times, with recent researches and studies showing how imperative patent attorneys have become in the field of business and education in the society. The typical job description of a patent attorney involves dealing with various clients and helping them obtain patents, along with other legal concerns.

What’s the Pay? : Experts state that the basic remuneration for a patent attorney in India would range from Rs 10,000 for a starter, which would increase with one’s performance, and experience. Depending on how good a patent lawyer you are, you can earn quite well within a few years of working. On an average, a professional patent attorney earns about Rs 40,000, which is certainly a great pay.

Requirement, Positives and Negatives: With several young students wanting to know what exactly are the skills and requirements necessary, experts suggest that impeccable communication and written skills are a must. The university you study in also makes a considerable impact as it determines the type of training you receive which in turn affects your efficiency as a patent lawyer. One must be responsible and have an eye for detail in order to make a note of all important information, and most importantly, you should be ready to put in long hours and effort in order to provide clients with maximum satisfaction.

Like any other profession, the work profile of a patent attorney has its set of positives as well as negatives. Apart from the fact that a career as a patent attorney is immensely rewarding and provides financial stability in a short span of time compared to a lot of other career options, this profession is extremely demanding, and since it is an emerging field of law, the opportunities are immense, hence stiff competition by rival lawyers could be expected, which in turn makes it quite a stressful job, at times. Prior consultation with a career counselor is recommended for better understanding of the pros and cons, and how suitable you are for the job.

Qualification Universities recommended: Though you could specialize in patent law from several colleges and institutions across the country, studies indicate that you must always give preferences to leading law colleges like NALSAR, Hyderabad, and Indian institute of Patent and Trademark Attorney that render quality education.

To become a patent attorney, you should appear for an exam which qualifies you for the course. A degree in science or technology along with a proof of Indian citizenship, and age is essential in order to be eligible for the Patents Agents Examination.

As a patent attorney, you could work in law firms, corporate houses, and several other places, as the scope for patent attorneys are immense with several law firms and organizations wanting to hire hardworking, capable and professional patent attorneys.

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