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Career Options in Law

Published On: 02 Apr 2012 | Last Updated On: 04 Jul 2012

Law is one of the most preferred career options in India among students today. For L.L.B graduates, the job opportunities are immense, thanks to the ever increasing demand for good lawyers in the society. Some of the career options in the field of law are:-

Litigation: If you have always been inquisitive on what really goes inside a court room, or more so, wanted to be a part of the entire proceedings of a legal matter, look no further as this is the perfection option for you. As a litigator you need to turn up to the court on a daily basis, work on varied legal matters, which will require you to apply your skills in analyzing cases.

As a beginner you will have to assist a senior litigator in order to gain the much required experience and proficiency. Initially, law graduates can expect a remuneration ranging from Rs 10,000 – 15,000 which would gradually increase depending on the level of experience and how good you are at winning cases and the clients you work with. If you are a thorough professional, you could earn anywhere from Rs 50,000- to a few lakhs.

Law firms: To work with a law firm is definitely a lucrative option for most aspiring lawyers out there, and this career option has been gaining immense popularity among lawyers in the recent times. Most law firms recruit lawyers from premier law colleges across the globe. Certainly rewarding in terms of remuneration, lawyers who work with law firm deal with legal matters concerning the corporate sectors as well as personal issues of individuals alike.

Like every other profession, this career has its share of setbacks. Working as a lawyer with a law firm comes with a lot of responsibility, accompanied with high level stress and tough competition from several lawyers wanting to occupy the few available positions in a firm.  Most law firms have separate departments (litigation and corporate sections) that undertake different issues. On an average you could expect about 10 lakhs per annum and a lot more if you are working with a reputed foreign law firm.

Legal writing: Got a flair for writing? Lawyers with impeccable writing and research skills can work as legal writers, and create law reports and journals. It does not really involve practicing advocacy, and is mainly confined to editing, writing and research works. Lawyers can expect a decent pay out of legal writing.

Specializations in the field of law:As a lawyer, you could specialize in various fields and work as a criminal lawyer, corporate lawyer, family lawyer, divorce lawyer, bad faith lawyer, bankruptcy lawyer, business lawyer, civil lawyer, and the list is indeed endless. Based on your aptitude and what you really want to specialize in, you could choose to practice in the field of your choice.

There is a wide scope for lawyers in the government sector too. Lawyers are employed in central services in varied positions such as legal advisors, and law officers etc.

So, the opportunities available for the law graduates are galore. Only choosing the right specialization is very important for making the right career choice.

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