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35 days left for MAT! Gear Up for MAT 2014

Published On: 21 Aug 2013 | Last Updated On: 29 Mar 2014

Count down for MAT exam has begun with only 35 days left for preparation. The largest test of its kind in the nation, AIMA MAT will continue to be your passport to over 600 B-Schools across India. It’s about time students started preparing seriously for online MAT exam. Students should utilize these 35 days in a very effective manner. In fact, if one prepares in the right manner, MAT examination will be a simple exam to crack. Minglebox presents you with a preparation strategy for the last 35 days:

1)      Active Self – Analysis

Firstly, at this point of time it is very important for the students to understand that an effective SWOT (Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats)/Self- Analysis of your preparation till now needs to be done. You have to identify the areas you are strong in and the areas where you are weak in. For this, start taking as many mock MAT tests you can manage, possibly 3-4 in a day and identify your weak areas from that. The mock test for MAT will clearly indicate your weak areas after which you can start improving and spend more time to improve in those areas. Secondly, talk to students who have taken MAT December and May February exam earlier through online forums and blogs and take their inputs on how to excel in MAT May 2014. Thirdly, review MAT exam previous papers and solve the same.

2)      Plan of Action

The entire month of April should be spent only in taking MAT mock test, taking feedback from people who have already taken MAT in February, reading MAT aptitude test updates on educational blogs and forums. So, this leaves you with about 35 days to complete your entire course. In 35 days time you should have completed revising all the important concepts and should have solved as many questions related to those topics.

3) Focus on the various MAT sections

Management Aptitude Test consists of 5 sections. Each section carries 40 questions. The total no. of questions counts to 200, which has to be answered within 2½ hour (150 mins). Let’s take a look at the preparation strategy for each MAT section separately:

a) Language Comprehension -

This section essentially focuses on the English part, which is purely on reading comprehension. Students are more concerned in attempting this section. The only way to deal with language comprehension section is reading English newspapers, quality magazines and novels on daily basis. Watching news on television can also add a plus point in your preparation. Try to solve as many MAT exam model papers/MAT entrance exam question papers you can manage. Underline the words you are not able to understand, utilize a dictionary to find their meaning, synonyms and antonyms. These exercises help you in improving your vocabulary as well as grammar. Practice as many reading comprehensions as possible for improving your reading speed and answering questions based on that.

b) Mathematical Skills -

This section tests the students’ numerical/mathematical abilities. With clarity in the concepts and fundamentals you can score 100% marks in this section. Questions can be solved by using good mathematical techniques, memorizing formulas, clearing the concept of Vedic maths, using short cut methods etc. To memorize all the formulas you should write them down on a piece of paper and stick it on a wall in your room and revise it regularly. Practice is the only key for cracking this section in MAT MBA exam. Spending 3 to 4 hours every day on quant section is a must. While practicing MAT practice test/MAT questions you can set up a timer and try to solve the questions in the given time.

c) Data Analysis and Sufficiency -

Data analysis and sufficiency section is another section in online MAT test for you can score maximum. The questions are in form of logical puzzles followed by 2 statements. The best way to solve such questions is to understand the logic behind it. Therefore it requires you to memorize general strategies, which can only be applicable for this section. Practice good amount of MAT exam sample question papers, MAT sample test, MAT mock test papers to build your speed. Accuracy should also be maintained at par with speed as this helps you in scoring well in MAT exam. You need to answer such type of questions with patience and a cool mind. Always avoid making random guesses.

d) Intelligence and Critical Reasoning -

This section in MAT entrance exam essentially tests students’ logical/reasoning skills in solving a given problem. This section is termed as calculation-intensive section. It essentially tests the decision making ability of a students. The questions are in form of tables, graphs and charts. To tackle this section you need to build your speed with various types of mathematical techniques such as short cuts, use of Vedic maths etc. Analyze the question carefully, build your calculation speed, familiarize with variety of such question and practice is the mantra of solving questions in this section.

e) Indian and Global Environment -

This section essentially tests the IQ of a student. The questions are general asked from the current happenings. You need to keep yourself updated with current general knowledge books, magazines etc. Read newspapers and watch news channels for latest news. News should be covered from all aspects such as politics, sports, entertainment, awards etc. Awareness is the only key to ace this section in MAT entrance examination.

Hard work with smart work is the key to crack MAT exam. Best of Luck!

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