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AACSB proposes new accreditation standards

AACSB proposes new accreditation standards

As society demands more from the world’s business schools, dramatic changes in higher education are creating new challenges and opportunities. To provide leadership for this new era in management education, AACSB International (AACSB) announced the release of a new set of accreditation standards for the world’s leading business schools.

Approved April 8th by its membership at the AACSB International Conference and Annual Meeting in Chicago, Ill., USA, the standards will help business schools redefine the future of management education and meet the needs of business and society in the changing environment.

After two-plus years of study and collaboration with the global management education community, AACSB’s Blue Ribbon Committee on Accreditation Quality (BRC) has critically examined market needs, re-considered definitions of excellence and the role of accreditation, and focused on defining new standards that:

  • Drive innovation in business schools to create and sustain value for students, employers, and the communities they serve.
  • Go beyond quality and ensure that business schools also have an impact through both scholarly education and the creation of new knowledge.
  • Require significant engagement between faculty, students, and business professionals, fostering meaningful interactions to create and share knowledge that is both scholarly and relevant to practice.

Just as every organization and individual has been challenged in the past decade to reconsider how to create value in a rapidly changing global economy, business schools have also faced questions about their approaches in educating future leaders.

“Business schools are at a time of unprecedented change. To remain current, leaders within the industry had to stand back and evaluate where management education needed to go,” said Joseph Diangelo, chair of the AACSB Board of Directors and dean of the Erivan K. Haub School of Business at Saint Joseph’s University. “Throughout this process, we looked deeply at the marketplace to determine new routes to relevance, to ensure business schools are developing the type of leaders that society needs for the future. The changes will keep business schools at the heart of global commerce.”

Designed to give business schools the flexibility to innovate to meet the rapidly changing needs of the employer and student markets—while still holding institutions to the highest standards of quality—the new standards will provide a new benchmark for excellence.

“The new environment calls for schools to focus on their distinctive mission and value proposition. Students, employers, and society as a whole expect a great deal from business schools—especially when it comes to addressing the most challenging issues of the world,” said Richard E. Sorensen, chair of the BRC, and dean of the Pamplin College of Business at Virginia Tech. “In this context of constant change, the new accreditation standards will not only validate quality management education and impactful research, but also help business schools provide the leadership, skills, and knowledge necessary to the communities they serve.”




2013 Proposed Standards

2003 Standards


Standard 1: Mission, Impact and Innovation

Standard 1: Mission Statement


Standard 2: Intellectual Contributions and Alignment with Mission

Standard 2: Intellectual Contributions


Standard 3: Financial Strategies and Allocation of Resources

Standard 3: Student Mission



Standard 4: Continuous Improvement Objectives



Standard 5: Financial Strategies
















Standard 4: Student Admissions, Progression, and Career Development

Standard 6: Student Admission


Standard 5: Faculty Sufficiency and Deployment

Standard 7: Student Retention Standard 8: Staff Sufficiency—Student Support


Standard 6: Faculty Management and Support

Standard 8: Staff Sufficiency—Student Support


Standard 7: Professional Staff Sufficiency and Deployment

Standard 9: Faculty Sufficiency



Standard 10: Faculty Qualifications



Standard 11: Faculty Management and Support



Standard 12: Aggregate Faculty and Staff Educational



Standard 13: Individual Faculty Educational Responsibility



Standard 14: Student Educational Responsibility




Standard 8: Curricula Management and Assurance of Learning

Standard 15: Management of Curricula


Standard 9: Curriculum Content

Standard 16: Undergraduate Learning Goals


Standard 10: Student Faculty Interactions

Standard 17: Undergraduate Educational Level


Standard 11: Degree Program Educational Level, Structure, and Equivalence

Standard 18: Master’s Level General Management Learning Goals


Standard 12: Teaching Effectiveness

Standard 19: Specialized Master’s Degree Learning Goals



Standard 20: Master’s Educational Level



Standard 21: Doctoral Learning Goals




















Standard 13: Student Academic and Professional Engagement



Standard 14: Executive Education



Standard 15: Faculty Qualifications and Engagement


About AACSB International AACSB International (The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business), founded in 1916, is an association of more than 1,350 educational institutions, businesses, and organizations in 83 countries and territories. AACSB's mission is to advance quality management education worldwide through accreditation, thought leadership, and value-added services. As the leading accreditation body for institutions offering degrees in business and accounting, the association also conducts a wide array of conferences and seminar programs throughout the world. AACSB's global headquarters is located in Tampa, Florida, USA, and its Asia Pacific headquarters is located in Singapore.

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