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  • To qualify CAT you need in-depth knowledge, analytical mind, sharp memory and above all, systematic planning and preparation. If you can get hold of previous year's papers or at least the pattern, it would go a long way in preparing you properly for the test. Check e CAT Prep : on for computer based Paper to prepare for CAT. Take up full length Practice test for preparing. You must concentrate on preparing well in Quantitative Aptitude section. This is one of the areas in the admission test which, if properly prepared and practiced, is likely to put you ahead of others, as you can hope to score even 100% marks in this part. There may be several types of questions that may form part of quantitative aptitude test. The first category could be simple arithmetic problems including profit and loss, percentages, ratio, averages, partnership, etc. Such problems involve simple calculations and with a little practice and basic aptitude, can be solved correctly. The second category of questions could involve multiplication or divisions in 5 to 6 figures or decimals. It may be quite time-consuming if the you start actually attempting the entire calculations. Check Experts Panel on CAT page : for tips on how to Crack Different sections in CAT. With a little practice, you can easily eliminate most of the choices straightaway to arrive at the correct answer even without any calculations. This can be achieved if you look at all the choices carefully before actually attempting the calculations. Another category of questions may be directed at testing only the intelligence of the candidate and not his/her ability to calculate. There may be some other questions aimed at testing the common sense of the candidates. The entire area of quantitative aptitude, therefore, needs constant practice to calculate quickly with accuracy. Then there is logical reasoning: Questions on logical reasoning may be of several types and in several forms. If you are working on your own and wish to improve your performance in English. All the Best. By shruthi82320, On 17 Dec 10

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