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  • I want to do Distance Learning MBA with best university That Provide me Degree and also Should be UGC Approved. Please suggest me the best University By shilpa708, On 06 Apr 10 1 answers Tags: distance learning mba

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  • Hello,
    Distance learning MBAs are becoming an increasingly important sector of business education, allowing students from around the world to earn degrees from top-quality schools without having to change jobs or often at a fraction of the cost of a full-time program.
    Most of the programs offered by the Indian and foreign institutes is of two years duration. Candidates with a graduate degree from any recognized University can apply for admission in the MBA program. Some of the institutes even conduct their own entrance examinations for admission.
    Check here for complete overview on distance MBA.
    Hope this helps you!
    Cheers! By mingleboxcounsellor, On 07 Apr 10

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