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  • Hi Rupsha,Thanks for writing to

    There are lot of colleges accepting 574 composite score. Kindly refer here for MBA Institute cut off -

    Cheers By minglebox-counselor, On 15 Mar 12
  • As a student of a leading B school in Gurgaon, NCR I would like to introduce IBMR Gurgaon to you. Your percentile will be acceptable for the GDPI session and its a great college for corporate placements primarily in Gurgaon, if you are interested. By shilpa94291, On 15 Mar 12
  • Rupsha, are you open to pursue management education in Pune? There are quite a few here and theyr are doing a good job of imparting management education to the aspirants. If you happen to be in Pune, you can visit us by scheduling an appointment with us. You can call eight (five times) four four zero two zero. By mitcon92631, On 15 Mar 12

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