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  • Hi Seema, Thanks for writing to

    Finance is the study of funds management. MBA in Finance deals with Public Finance, Personal Finance and Business finance.It is the back bone of any sector.

    Here are few MBA Finance question generally asked -
    What do you understand by term “Finance”?
    Explain the importance of M.B.A finance over other finance branches in Finance
    Describe the job responsibilities of a M.B.A finance expert?
    Are you aware with M.B.A finance terminology?
    Explain Maximum Likelihood Estimation? Why it is used in finance?

    Refer here for top MBA Institutes in finance -

    Refer here for more information regarding MBA in Finance management -

    Cheers By minglebox-counselor, On 18 Feb 13
  • "An MBA finance interview questions to be asked by the interviewer are as follows:
    • What are your strength areas in finance?
    • What does success and failure mean to you?
    • What are the merits and demerits of various accounting packages that have been used by you recently?
    • What do you mean by accumulated depreciation?
    • What do you mean by fictitious assets?
    • What is meant by the term trail balance?
    • What is consolidation?
    • How do you take up challenges?
    For more information visit By neha06194, On 16 Aug 11

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