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An Interview with Dr Jay Prakash Chairman IIBS Bangalore

Published On: 10 Nov 2009 | Last Updated On: 26 Feb 2013

Q. Could you briefly tell us about the institute?
Ours is B – School commenced with an ethos that all human being are born managers as they manage themselves with the available resources. Their potential needs to be identified and tapped for the development & grooming of them as needed by the corporate world. We are keen on converting them as effective future managers by enhancing their knowledge, improving their skills and imbibing as attitude which suits to the present corporate world. We do adopt BRS (Business Reality Simulation) Strategy for the upbringing. With these students centric activities coupled with close mentoring, there is a realization amongst students themselves. This focus is bringing lots of result in spreading the aroma of full fledged preparations for reach the corporate expectations.
We provide these educational facilities through our 4 campuses, one in north at Noida, one in east at Kolkata and two in south at Bangalore.

Q. What are the courses offered?

 We offer  MBA

 Q. What is the fee structure like?

Fee structures includes as necessary to cope up for fulfillment of requirements for any reputed B – School. This fee structure will be different for different segment depending upon their financial positions. We at IIBS provide fee structure tailor-made to low segment, middle segment & top segments. Different schemes followed by different pattern based on meritorious status of individuals are under consideration.

Q. Could you please tell us about your faculty?

We have a faculty strength of more than 25 in all our campuses. Keeping the need of the hour we draw faculties from all nook & corner of the corporate world, who can pass on the realities of corporate life to our aspiring students during endevour of successful professional career.

Q. Tell us about your facilities.

We have state-of-the-art technology built in all our classrooms, which will facilitate our students develop the capabilities of utilizing technologically driven skills. All our classrooms possess Wifi-connectivity, interactive panels, audio & video recording connectivity’s backed by computers. All students have been made to feel they have home beyond their with good hostel & boarding faculties, however, the students need to book little advanced. The students also have access to the 12 hours day-night digital library staffed with competent librarians. All necessary knowledge sources are well connected to our students. Eminent faculties always provide sufficient inputs for all students through various assignments & tasks which will necessarily make them to visit library on a regular basis.

Q. What kind of background and profile does your institute look for in new students?

Basically students who are interested in their development and achieving the career aspiration. Further, the students who are ready to take up hardships. Any of the gaps in their knowledge, skill & attitude will groomed during their progress at IIBS. Hence, we do accept all students who have commitment to themselves and their development.
Definitely pre-MBA experience provides an edge over other in understanding the realities of corporate life. But we do aware about that all students cannot possess the same. Hence, we do accept the mixture of students from both experienced and not experienced so that during MBA duration there will be better interaction amongst.

Q. Tell us about your admission process.

Admission process involves shortlisting of students based on their academic performances hither too, followed by comparatively better performance in any Management Aptitude Tests (MAT), if not we do prepare the students with aspiration build their career in future irrespective of their academic background. After preparation they will pass through a rigorous MAT, followed by GD & PI.

Q. What is your placement record like?

IIBS is well networked with almost 350 companies, who closely associate with the institute and provide regular and necessary inputs in the curriculum and delivery in preparing the students as needed by the companies. Accordingly, the students’ grooming will be tailor-made to ensure successful placement. The awards & rewards for students and faculties will be matter of motivation towards achievement of the desired Results. At present we have almost 350 companies in association and on an average every yearly additions to networked companies are almost 20-25 companies.

Q. Does IIBS facilitate internships for students during the course of the programme? If yes, explain in detail.
Yes, the same will be provided to all student in their third semester and prepare them for the final placement. However, students need to participate in the selection process of the different companies and prove to the company about their capabilities for completion of task given to them well within the time schedule.

Q. Is there an increase in the number of applicants from previous years?

Students approach to our IIBS are increasing at an increasing rate, from 220 in first year to 500 in second year and more than 200 students are already in the waiting list for the next year admission.

Q. Does your institute offer Scholarships or loans?

All achievements of students are always acknowledged and rewarded and awarded through various schemes. We do encourage through our SAES (Scheme of Academic Enhancement of Students) by appointment as Student Facilitators & Students Tutors.

 Q. What are future plans for the institute?
We have already covered three directions (North, South & East) of India, now expansions are in progress in western side apart from our overseas association different universities as well as companies network.



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