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Campus Infrastructure and Location

Published On: 28 Sep 2012 | Last Updated On: 18 Oct 2012

In today’s world almost every other person is looking to pursue an MBA course to either get a good job or enhance their career path. Having an MBA degree is almost a trend today. There are many modes through which you can pursue an MBA including, online, correspondence and the traditional full time program. Even with the development of technology today, many still opt to pursue a full time MBA at a B-School.
There are many factors that people look into while choosing a B-School, such as, the quality of education, placements, fees, facilities, campus infrastructure, etc. In this article we will talk about the importance of the campus infrastructure and location of the B-School while choosing it.

To pursue an MBA degree through the full time mode at a B-School usually requires the students to shift base and live either on or close by campus. Hence, the aspirants should ensure that they have proper accommodation facilities that will allow him/her to live comfortably while pursuing the MBA. Along with accommodation, the availability of food provisions and basic necessities should be looked into. It is recommended to make living arrangements before going to the place. Many B-Schools offer good on-campus accommodation facilities.

While pursuing an MBA, the students are required to dedicate a lot of their time to reading and studying. For this reason, while considering B-Schools, candidates should make sure that the B-School of their choice has a good library with excellent resources that will help them perform better in classes. Candidates should look for good classrooms and libraries with state-of-the-art technological facilities. Along with studies, MBA students make some time to unwind and relax through sports, art, drama, music, dance, etc. A good B-School will have facilities that will allow students to unwind and relax.

With industrialization and commercialization on in full swing, there is very less land available within city limits to set up universities. Many of the new B-Schools are located outside the city limits, while the old ones managed to get an early hold onto the land within the city. However, while considering admission to B-Schools the candidates should keep in mind the location of the school. The location of the school can determine the popularity, quality of education offered, facilities, accommodation options and lastly the most important factor the participation of companies in the placement drives.

Many companies participate in the placement drives of B-Schools depending upon the location of it. If the B-School located in the outskirts of a city or in a rural area is not well-known or part of a popular group of institutions, companies prefer not to take part in the placement drive. Since placement records are one of the important factors deciding the quality of the B-School, the candidates should ensure that location of the B-School is not a negatively contributing factor to it.

Therefore, the location and infrastructure of the B-Schools is also an important factor to be considered while choosing a B-School. If these factors are not up to the mark, the candidates MBA degree will be hampered.

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