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CAT Topper Interviews - Do's and Don'ts for CAT

Published On: 17 Nov 2009 | Last Updated On: 14 Oct 2011
Tips from CAT Topper Siddharth S IIM – Lucknow, 2008 - 2010 Batch
1. Week before CAT.
Think out of box
Set Section-wise Time Limits
Attempt more Mock tests.
There is no harm in learning  new concepts( though not suggested by many )
Don't s
Don't talk to people who are not serious about CAT and get de-motivated.
2. During those 2 and half an hours
Be in the best of moods on the D-Day 
Don't Panic
Don't leave any section in the midway
3. What if you don't clear CAT?
"It's not the end, Life is not all over". Students who have got more than 85 percentile, should consider taking a shot at CAT '10.
Tips from CAT topper Neeraj Ramnani, IIM – Indore, 2009-2011 Batch
1. Week before CAT.
Try to cover brush up your strengths and some shortcut techniques
Relax yourself , go for a movie or spend sometime with your loved ones
Don't s
Don't over-prepare at the cost of relaxation – stay calm
Don't be prejudiced, you can't predict the type of questions that'll be asked much
Avoid eating out 
2. During those 2 and half an hours
Avoid Random guessing 
Even if you can't get many questions right, don't panic. Maybe the paper is really difficult and others are also struggling. Hang in there!
Do your weakest section in the middle   
3. What if you don't clear CAT?
"Don't lose heart”. There are many other exams, and you can always try again!
Tips from XAT Topper Raman Choudhary, XLRI - Jamshedpur, 2009-2011 Batch
1. Week before CAT.
Be yourself - No matter what anyone might say, your way is still the best way. Just believe in it
Device a Strategy which you are comfortable with
Focus on Sections - Instead of looking at CAT as a matter of three discrete sections treat them as a whole.
Stop thinking about the past: Many times, the exam tends to be like a flashback inducer, which starts flashing your past before your eyes, once you start getting stuck on a question
2. During those 2 and half hours
Have fun: Get your dad or someone close to drive you down to the centre. Sometimes those fifteen minutes with that someone makes all the difference between a stomach with butterflies and a resolve of steel.
Time yourself: Don't fall in love with any question
3. What if you don't clear CAT?
Give XAT or any other MBA exams and Stay positive.
Good luck everyone! 

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