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Harvard US-India initiative commences at SPJIMR Mumbai

Published On: 04 Jan 2013 | Last Updated On: 04 Jan 2013

A student-run organization, Harvard US- India Initiative (HUII) has launched a chapter at SP Jain Institute of Management and Research (SPJIMR), Mumbai. The initiative is aimed at generating an exchange of ideas between American and Indian youth in order to highlight some of the country’s most relevant issues in the economy, society and the environment.

HUII is a student-driven association that permits UK (United Kingdom), US (United States) and Indian college and graduate students to form networks, interact and most importantly take part in an ‘Indian Conference’. It aims to create a difference in the country’s economic, social and/or political landscape. Some of the most prominent US and UK schools are also members of the organization, such as Stanford, Harvard (including Harvard Business School), Columbia, Princeton, Amherst, UC Berkeley Yale and London School of Economics.

The HUII mission is two-pronged – firstly it aims to foster long-term cooperation and develop the initial interaction between the youths of India and the United States.  Secondly, it then seeks to use these relationships to discuss some of India’s most concerning issues. Students will work with each other through “social entrepreneurship” to come up with solutions to economic and social problems. These proposed solutions have the capacity to win funding and be scaled up for implementation.

The main  deliverables and goals of this chapter are- submitting a project/research report on a NGO (Non Governmental Organization) or a social theme, organizing the annual HUII conference and events in order to contribute and develop value in Indian society, which will be part of a larger cause.    

This year’s them is health and nutrition. The SPJIMR Chapter will undertake this initiative by reflecting on the declining nourishment levels in the country and come up with solutions to combat it. They aim to work with well-known NGOs such as Himachal Pradesh Voluntary Health Association, Rural Health and Social Education, Tamil Nadu, Social Action for Women Empowerment and Rural Advancement (SAWERA) Punjab and Central Himalayan Rural Action Group (CHIRAG), Uttarakhand on issues such as creating a model village in order to maintain maternal health and hygiene, establishing community based management of malnutrition and improving reproductive child health and monitoring of maternal and child health. As the range of the study is spread across India, the plan to release a comparative analysis of the various regions in terms of crisis faced there.  It will also suggest the best practices that can be used and recommend region specific solutions.

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