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IIM-Ahmadabad’s Much Awaited CRISIL Audited Detailed Placement Report is Now Out

Published On: 09 Sep 2011 | Last Updated On: 15 May 2012

Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Ahmadabad’s much awaited detailed placement report has been published now. The 2011 placement report includes statistics for the PGP, PGP Agri-business and the PGPX batches. The extensive report has been formed on the basis of the IIM-A’s proposed Indian Placement Reporting Standards (IPRS) in June 2011. Furthermore, the placement report has been audited by CRISIL, a credit-rating firm.

After proposing IPRS for the Indian B-Schools, IIM-A for the first time has audited a placement report using the same standards. The detailed CRISIL-audited report offers salary information in a completely different format. In this new format the salary components (Variable and fixed) are differentiated. This method essentially reports the process wherein B-schools publish inflated salaries where variable component is much higher than the fixed salary. IIM-A is the first institute to release such a trend setting detailed placement report.

Placement Report Snapshot:


Total Offers Accepted



Sector Wise Classification


Consulting (93)


Function Wise Classification

Finance (93)

Consulting (91)

Global Location Classification


India (260)

Indian Location Classification


Mumbai (98)


*(MB is displaying statistics only for the areas where the highest number of offers are accepted)

Salary Classification:


Cash Payment/ Maximum Earning Potential






Total guaranteed cash payment


7 Lac

32 Lac

13.5 Lac

14.22 Lac


Maximum earning potential


8 Lac

27 Lac

15.15 Lac

16.36 Lac


Total guaranteed cash payment


$ 55000

$ 135643

$ 71800

$ 79400


Maximum earning potential


$ 60000

$ 135643

$ 8258300

$ 85190


For more detailed IIM-Ahmadabad Placement Report click  PGP | PGP ABM | PGPX


Though, IIM-A is the first B-school to prepare their placement report utilizing IPRS standards, several prominent B-schools such as TISS, TAPMI, SP Jain and IIM Shillong have announced that they will be utilizing the same standards to prepare placement report from the next year.

It seems that after the IIM-A placement report has been published; the top B-schools in India are now realizing the significance of standardizing their placement reports for making it more comprehensible, comparable and transparent.

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