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IIM-A IPRS auditing adopted by only 2 B-schools

Published On: 28 Jun 2012 | Last Updated On: 28 Jun 2012

Even two years after the Indian Placement Reporting Standards (IPRS) was launched, it has only two takers up till now- Sahyadri Institute of management studies (SIMS), Pune and SP Jain institute of Management & Research (SPJIMR). IPRS is promoted by the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) - Ahemdabad.

SPJIMR and SIMS have reported details of their placements for this year to the IPRS, and posted all their placement data on the IIM-A Website. Although, 25 B-schools had agreed to become a part of the IPRS; none have provided their placement data so far. There are about 4,000 B-schools in India but only 25 have agreed to use the IPRS.

Officials from IIM-A revealed that a considerable amount of time will be required for all the B-schools to work out and provide necessary data to the IPRS. As per experts, the reason for B-schools not taking up the concept could be because they fear losing out to bigger B-schools in placements, thereby affecting their overall rankings. However, many B-schools have said that the lack of information provided by the employer is the reason for not adopting the IPRS.

As per the sources, IIM-A will organize a conference on IPRS after all assignees have completed their final placement reports. The conference will focus on gauging the experience of B-schools and the success of the IPRS. They added that the conference will give them a better idea of how many takers the IPRS will have in the future.

The IPRS was launched in 2012 with the aim of making placement reporting more transparent. The IPRS was launched to audit placement reports and test their accuracy. Although, the audit is mandatory, individual B-schools are allowed to select their own auditors.

Credit rating agency Crisil has been appointed by IIM-A to audit its placement reports. Officials from Crisil claimed that there is a need for auditing placement reports as it renders uniformity in the placement data and also establishes accuracy of the data.

As per sources at SIMS, the placement reporting ensures transparency. Also, since the institute is over 5 years old, it sends out a message to aspirants and recruiters that the institute has nothing to hide in terms of placement records.

Officials from IIM-A also revealed that they require only details regarding the basic plus additional guaranteed cash component, maximum of variable component and onetime payment from the institute, which is not a very herculean task if one is in favor of sharing one’s placement statistics.

Source: Business Standard

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