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Know about the faculty members

Published On: 28 Sep 2012 | Last Updated On: 18 Oct 2012


A good teacher or mentor brings out the best in a student. The faculty is one of the most important factors while choosing a B-school as you will learn what your teachers will teach you.  The faculty is considered to be the backbone of the institution. Determining the quality of education imparted in the institution is very crucial. Therefore, one must select B-schools that have faculty rich in aspects of expertise, academic credentials and experience.

Most of the institutes in India have faculty profiles listed on their official websites, which one can use to determine the quality of faculty in the institution. Consider factors such as industry links, educational background and the overall teaching experience in the industry.

Also consider the fact if the institution invites guest lecturers. Visiting faculties can help impart practical and new avenues of thinking among the students. They also add a dash of creativity to the mediocre theoretical learning. Therefore, external or guest lecturers are also a point of focus while scrutinizing faculty quality. One must realize that a good institution should have a well judged combination of permanent and visiting faculty to provide students with the right mixture of knowledge.

You can talk to the alumni of a particular college, if you are unable to acquire enough information or are not convinced with the information furnished on the official website of a particular college. You may ask the ex students about their learning experience and level of faculty interaction in the institute. If there are a large number of alumni from a college in your field of interest, it is likely that faculties of the institution are highly effective and efficient. Alumni opinion can be very useful and can help you gain insights on the mundane and invaluable information that cannot be acquired anywhere else.

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