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MBA and specializing disciplines

Published On: 28 Sep 2012 | Last Updated On: 21 Apr 2015

The Master of Business program (MBA) is an extensive business oriented and management related degree course. The MBA program is structured in such a way that the best organizational and business skills are elevated in a student’s personality. An MBA degree can coach students to be the ultimate manager developing their right skill sets such as – leadership, problem solving, decision making and analytical skills.

The spectrum of the business world is large and if you might have noticed, a company is divided into various departments namely, marketing, human resources, finance and IT etc. Each division concentrates performs specific functions. The MBA program also offers specializations in various disciplines to equip a person completely for gaining expertise in managing a particular department. Listed below are the commonly offered specializations in most B-schools of India:

Agribusiness Management

A specialization in agribusiness management opens avenues of concepts related to agricultural business. If a person chooses to specialize in agribusiness management, prospective jobs can be found in the areas of micro finance, commodity exchanges, international agricultural trade, food processing, rural finance and rural marketing, NGO in rural development and market research in agribusiness.

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Aviation Management

A specialization in aviation management is structured in order to develop expertise skills in specific domains such as aviation safety, fleet management, fuelling management, regulatory management, cargo, ground handling and many such issues allied with the aviation industry.

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A banking specialization enables and grooms a student to familiarize and coach the aspiring bankers in practical and theoretical practices of international and domestic banking.

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An MBA specialization in bio-technology can help one gain expert insight to the fields of biotechnology, pharmacy, life sciences, food and dairy, bio-services, agriculture and bio-informatics.

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Communications/ Media

A specialization in communication/media offers expertise in emerging communication disciplines such as media management, public relations, design and retail communications, marketing research, brand management, account planning, account management and broadcasting.

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Entrepreneurship and Family business management

A specialization in entrepreneurship and family business management offers concentrations in concepts of diversifying family business, developing own business, expanding a business and exploring new business opportunities. This specialization can help gain insights to entrepreneurship planning and developing a self-employed plan.

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Finance Management

A specialization in Finance management can help gain expertise in areas of risk management, financial planning and cash flows, budgeting, fund positioning, acquisitions, mergers, corporate governance, international finance etc. It is one of the most popular specializations trending among students as the jobs acquired through the specialization are very lucrative.

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Insurance Management

A specialization in Insurance management focuses on development of skills and competency in the field of risk and underwriting management.

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Health care

A specialization in Health care will enable a student to gain upgraded knowledge in the healthcare sector with increased effectiveness and organizational abilities in the same. Optimum utilization of resources and cost control are also a few other avenues on which the specialization will focus.

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Human Resources Management

A specialization in Human resources will focus on human resource, recruitment, performance management, H.R information systems, Compensation and administration, Discipline and maintaining the framework, ensuring harmony between employer and employee.

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Infrastructure Management

A specialization in Infrastructure will help one gain insights in the concept of infrastructure service and delivery, competition policies as well as the social, economic, political and legal aspects revolving around the same.

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Information Technology and Management/ Information Systems 

A specialization in the IT focuses on providing the students and equipping them with functional skills of Information technology, marketing or finance.

A specialization in information media basically focuses on providing information in order to promote decision making and problem solving. The specialization will help develop skills in the areas of information systems that will help develop an understanding of fundamentals and technicalities of Information systems.

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International Business

International Business specialization is gaining rapid popularity among students. This specialization will help a student understand the technicalities involved in international and transnational trade and provide comprehensive coverage on activities related to the same.

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Marketing Management

A specialization in marketing management focuses on understanding the market, consumers and marketing strategies, marketing models, brand related activities, product management, advertising and many such important marketing concepts.

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Oil &Gas Management

A specialization in Oil and Gas develops students and equips them in the concepts of energy sectors and petroleum and helping them to develop new technologies in the sector for a global platform.

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Operations Management

A specialization in Operations Management opens up avenues in transportation, banking, insurance and manufacturing as well.

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Retail Management

A specialization in retail management is expected to reach a boom in India with the introduction of foreign direct investment in the sector. The specialization will focus on areas like franchising, licensing, buying, merchandising, visual merchandising, category management, retail law, retail strategy etc.

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Pharmaceutical Management

A specialization on Pharmaceutical management will train students in product management, pharmaceutics, drug regulation, international marketing, sales force management and new product introduction etc.

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Port and Shipping Management

A specialization in port and shipping management will lead to opportunities related to heavy industries dealing, logistics, international shipping, moving and transporting and outflow of goods and commodities.  

Power Management

A specialization in power management helps gain insight on the power sector. It aims at creating resources for the growing requirements of power managers to handle Indian power sector companies, green technology, energy, infrastructure and the allied industries.

For details on power management, please click here

Tourism and Travel

A specialization in travel and tourism will open avenues in the hospitality industry and the services industry. One can expect jobs in the fields of airlines, travel and tourism, transport services, travel portals etc. The course aims at equipping students with adequate managerial skills to handle tourism and travel concepts.

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MBA programs are interdisciplinary and diverse today and are attracting candidates from different fields of study. Many reputed and recognized B-schools are also launching exclusive flagship programs for specific corporate needs. With so much diversity on offer, an aspirant has ample choices to choose from. Once you are aware of your needs, choose the specialization that suits you best. There is literally a specialization for everyone’s needs. 

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