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Mumbai dabbawalas to give tips to IIM-Calcutta future mangers

Published On: 21 Jul 2012 | Last Updated On: 21 Jul 2012

In a bid to hone the managerial skills of IIM-Calcutta management students, the famous Mumbai dabbawalas will be seen giving tips to them on July 24, 2012. The students will be addressed by the management guru specializing in supply chain management and logistics of dabbawalas, Pawan Giridharilal Agrawal.

He stated that young managers should learn from the modus operandi of these dabbawalas. Though they are not educated much but are committed to their work and delivery on time. As a management graduate, performance expectation rises from the young managers. Even in adverse conditions the dabbawalas carry tiffin boxes and reach them to their destinations within stipulated time. The managers working in multinational companies get better facilities and services so they should be able to do a good business.

The management students will be given tips on different ways to meet the deadlines and deliver better quality. As a management graduate, students are expected to manage time, meet the targets and make the best out of it. For marketing students, customer satisfaction should be the main motto.

The two-hour session will include topics on driving forces for improved performance such as commitment, dedication, passion and execution. Students will be suggested to follow the principles such as work is worship, customer is God, human values, no alternative to hard work and ways to churn out best within limited resources.

Mumbai Dabbawala Education center is run by Agrawal where children of dabbawalas are given  free education.

Other topics to be covered include six sigma achievers, making a difference, small people great work, the great and unique working system of Mumbai Dabbawala.

It is worth to mention that over 5000 Mumbai Dabbawalas have been delivering about 200,000 tiffin boxes every day to every nuke and corner of Mumbai within the given time since last 125 years without even a single strike. They have set an example for global business school. The Mumbai Dabbawalas were awarded Six Sigma quality certificate and also have a global business fan club which includes known personalities such as Richard Branson and Prince Charles.

Source: Times of India

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