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New IIMs allege older counterparts for being non-inclusive and not sharing the resources

Published On: 17 Aug 2012 | Last Updated On: 17 Aug 2012

The clash between older IIMs and new ones for some or the other reason is nothing new. This time new IIMs have alleged their older counter parts for being partial in sharing resource and faculty members and in the CAT (Common Admission Test) process and revenues. Aggravated by this two new IIMs may write a letter to the Ministry of Human Resource Development requesting better cooperation and resource utilization among all IIMs.

Sources from IIM-Ranchi expressed that they will suggest MHRD to constitute an ‘IIM co-ordination committee’ so that the institutes can collaborate well.

Now the problem will arise if IIM-Ahmedabad opts to be selective and refuses to share the best faculty members to contribute to the improvement of all IIMs. IIM-Ranchi expressed that ‘IIM’ is a coveted brand so no discrimination in terms of quality should be made between older and newer ones. If IIMs do not become inclusive it will hamper the brand image of all IIMs. Sources from the institute also pointed out that there has been a drop of 10% in MBA applications in last couple of years. IIMs should realize that they are collaborators not the competitors.

New IIMs have demanded that all IIMs should share resources, faculty members, revenues, come introduce joint research programs and participate in common tasks such as CAT preparation process. While MHRD has welcomed more suggestions, the older IIMs are resisting collaboration efforts.

For example, sources have revealed that IIM-A is not ready to share faculty as it fears it will lose its competitive edge.

However IIM-A has denied this and expressed that all IIMs are grappling with faculty crunch and after introduction of OBC quota, it has become difficult to share existing faculty members with the newer ones.

Due to the lack of faculty, newer IIMs were barred from taking part in the CAT preparation process, expressed IIM-A. When they will have sufficient faculties to spare them for the process, they will also be allowed to participate and get revenue share.

Unlike IITs which are closely knit, IIMs are autonomous bodies and enjoy freedom over their daily managements.

Source: Economic Times

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