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Once I am M.B.A----------

Published On: 11 Aug 2011 | Last Updated On: 10 Sep 2011

Many youngsters after finishing their graduation program think of ‘Once I am M.B.A--------‘.

I met  a few students who were entering into their first semester of MBA and I asked them a basic question ‘Why MBA..........’ .  The answer was very simple ‘To get a good job’.  I said how will you define ‘Good Job’? Again a very simple reply came out ‘Good salary……..rest MBA will teach.’

This is a story of a girl Meena, B.Tech (Mech.) who enters into her 1st semester of MBA in a very reputed B-School of Punjab.  Day one which is popularly known as Orientation Day, she met with her new classmates and was fascinated. She was feeling like ‘Alice in Wonderland’ with a vision in her shining eyes proud to step on the ladder which will take her to the doors of the seeming to be so rosy corporate world.  A corporate tycoon while sharing his story advised the students to work hard and ‘never say no’.    He further added read and enhance your knowledge.  She made a promise to herself that she will learn and study with full seriousness, passion and would read a lot.  Time passed and Meena adopted the ‘JUGAAD’ philosophy as followed by most of her classmates.  Students were flooded with assignments nd like all others she googled the material and submitted as assignment.  It was the end of first year-the time for the summer training and she went to her father’s friend’s company.  She did her training very seriously in initial week and then never went to the training center.  She got the training completion certificate with the mark that ‘during her training of 2 weeks we found her very diligent and honest.  She bought the summer training report which was more of the nature of the research report and submitted to her college.  Same thing happened with final research report.  Slowly time passed and the day which was long awaited came.  First day of placement, it was joint campus placement and college was full of students as if there was some fair going on.  Meena was called for GD round.  She cleared that as college had taken all the stress and pains to arrange personality development and group discussion classes for the students.  She was selected for the interview round.  The first question thrown to her ‘From where have you done your summer training?’  Very proudly she named the company.  ‘What have you learnt from that?’  I went there for one week only ‘unhone kuch khaas nahi karaya’.  ‘What was the topic of your final report?’  She almost fainted.  She was not selected even in the other five interviews conducted in the campus.  Finally she made her way in a retail company with salary of Rs.7,500 p.m.  She was shocked.  This was not her dream! The words were striking to her mind ‘Once I am MBA………………’

This is not the story of a single MBA student.  Many have undergone the same process.  I wonder where we lack.  In first semester we all are encouraged, motivated, passionate and have lots n lots of dreams but by the end of fourth semester all are vanished.   If we look into the history in 1957, the Administrative Staff College of India was started to offer management development programmes for senior managers and government officials. In 1961-62, the Government of India decided to establish two autonomous institutions outside the university system, namely, Indian Institute of Management (IIMs) one at Calcutta (1961) and the other at Ahmedabad (1962) to offer two-year full-time postgraduate diploma in business administration. While IIM(C)was to collaborate with Harvard Business School, the IIM (A)was assisted by the Sloan Business School (MIT) for launching the programmes. Subsequently, four other are - IIM-Bangalore(1973); IIM-Lucknow(1984), IIM-Indore(1996) and IIM-Kozhikode (1996) came into existence.  Then lot many institutes emerged in the private sector dealing with management and technical education with an objective to impart knowledge, develop specialized skills and foster essential attitudes for the students to grow as competent and responsible managers.  These schools have student centric learning, case studies, workbooks, films, seminars, industry   as an integral part of their teaching pedagogy.  The question here is today students have all the facilities and the environment then why they are not coming upto the expectation level of the industry’.  Where is the actual problem?  I was in this dilemma when one of my friends, Director HR in top MNC of India, came and we shared the thought.  He said that last time when they did recruitment drive, they selected 3 out of 600 students.  I asked how they select a student.  He explained that the companies concentrate on the learning capability of the students which he depicts from the quality of the project reports prepared by them and today the quality produced in projects is very poor. I also enquired from few professors who said the presence of cheap books, easy available cheap notes, over dependence on internet for assignments and projects are the main reasons why students are not interested in learning.  Further they added that students are not punctual in classrooms and are themselves not serious in talking up assignments and case studies.  They don’t come prepared in the classes and moreover lecturers are to show their Results also.  Even in the newspaper sessions students are forced to read the news, there is hardly any time to discuss the things and carry on any research work.  Then I asked few students and they said that they don’t go for books from reputed publishers as these books are comparatively expensive.  They buy cheap books which help them to clear the exams and get the degrees. 

I am again left with few questions:

-Are we passing on the excuses of non-performance?

-Whether teachers and lecturers are synonyms?

-Where are the core Indian human values?

-Are we producing MBAs or MA (Business)?

Author: Dr. Monika Aggarwal

Executive Director, Saieducations, Chandigarh


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