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Online courses paving the way for new developments in Indian management education

Published On: 30 May 2012 | Last Updated On: 30 May 2012

The higher education field and specially the Indian business schools are subject to irresistible massive changes that provide them with both the pros and cons of the change.

However, as per the experts, most of these changes are tied to what is called the MOOC factor.

Massive Open Online Courses or MOOCs are not a new phenomenon in education. These free courses offered by some of the best universities are now paving new paths to enhance the quality of Indian management education system.

The best MOOCs include the Coursera started by the professors at the Stanford University and the EDx initiated by MIT and Harvard. Award winning faculty from some of the universities such as University of Michigan, Princeton University, University of Pennsylvania and Stanford University offer courses on Coursera.

These MOOCs provide for student- instructor interaction, student- student interaction, e-text books, virtual laboratories and also require the students to do assignments, obtain grades similar to traditional classroom setting and grant certificates on completion of the course.

The expansion of MOOCs and the adoption into Indian business schools would mean better quality of education delivery. The exposure of students to varied courses would set new benchmarks that demands better teacher efficacy.

With most B-schools in India facing faculty crunch, MOOCs provides for an alternative to tackle the issue. Students can enroll themselves in the MOOCs which may be considered for the degree on completion.

MOOCs could also compete with the Management Development Programmes (MPDs) by offering a shorter version against the 2-3 days MPDs that most executives pursue. These flexible courses force the business schools to rework on their existing MPD models.

On the whole, these free MOOCS will lead the Indian management education to reach new global levels with better and higher quality content, course delivery, course currency and availability of varied course options for students.

Source: The Economic Times

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