Healthcare or Hospital management fulfils explicit requirements of the middle level administrators in the areas such as hospitals or healthcare and other related sectors. A program in healthcare or hospital management offers a professional qualification and insights into managerial functions for those graduates who wish to take up healthcare services, Pharma business management, pharmaceutical management and health or hospital management as a professional career. It will also be of immediate benefit to serving professionals in this sector. For information on institutes offering healthcare management programs click here

In India the concept of healthcare has gone a remarkable change in recent years. People have become aware of the significance of healthcare which has led for higher expectation and an increased requirement for a high quality of medical care and facilities. A great number of private hospitals and clinics have emerged out all over the country. With growing importance on quality of health care and patient satisfaction, there has been a incredible need for persons with professional qualification in the field of hospital management.

Hospital administration is concerned with organizing, controlling, staffing, coordinating, planning and evaluating healthcare services for the communities to offer maximum patient care of better quality at low price so as to condense morbidity and mortality. Administration or management is a science and an art like medical sciences. Professional hospital administrators have proven how institutions can be managed efficiently, economically and effectively in a targeted time period.  


Many students in the United States often receive a Master of Science in Health Care Administration. With this degree students get experience in management and leadership skills geared directly towards healthcare. Some students even search online to see if there are degrees like this available. These days online healthcare education has become more popular than ever. With the convenience factor being a large selling point for students, obtaining a degree online is not as difficult as it once was. Regardless of how the degree is obtained there are still copious amounts of work and dedication that are necessary in order to succeed in this industry. After all the hard work pays off students will be left with a promising and valuable education. 

The occupation of hospital administrators is difficult, challenging and responsible. Hospital administrators are those who manage hospitals, hospices, drug-abuse treatment centers and outpatient clinics. In reputed hospitals, there may be a number of administrators, one for each department. In minor facilities, they supervise the day-to-day operations of all the departments. Administrators make sure that hospitals operate efficiently and provide adequate medical care to patients.

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Basic Eligibility



For admission into a under graduate program a candidate must have completed his/her higher secondary education or 10+2 from a recognized institute. The duration of the program is of 3 years.



For admission into a post graduate program the eligibility criteria varies depending upon the course and the college. Some might require graduates with/without MBA entrance exam scores. The duration of the program is of 2 years.

Job Prospects

There are abundant career opportunities in the field of healthcare in private or public sectors. One can opt to work in hospitals, medical college’s old age homes, clinics and in state health department. The significance of health care can never shrink and the number of institutes offering health care program is increasing day by day. There are almost more than two and half lakhs health care institutes that require quality hospital administrators and managers in India.  

The emerging need for highly qualified professionals will only increase the importance of hospital management programs in India. Along with government there are various other private hospitals today that are competing with each other to offer first class health care services across the country. With this respect, the demand of professional hospital administrators is rising tremendously.

Some of the job profiles in this field are as follows: -


  • Chief Nursing Officer
  • Health Administrator
  • PR Officer
  • Health Care Provider
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Healthcare Management Executive
  • Medical Superintendent
  • Director Hospital
  • Hospital Planning Adviser  
  • Patient Care System
  • Consultant-Trauma
  • Assistant Professors

Pay Packet: -

At initial level a candidate can earn a pay scale ranging from Rs.10,000 to Rs.15,000 per month and after earning relevant experience in this field he/she can earn up to Rs.40,000. There is no limit for deserving candidates to earn high remuneration. The pay scale of an administrator who is working for a medium level hospital ranges around Rs.30,000 per month. The annual pay scale of an administrator in a super specialty hospital can go as high as lakhs of rupees.

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