Logistic and Supply Chain Management is the organization of  complete network for movement of raw material from the resource to the consumer in the form of final product. The management includes implementing, controlling and planning the flow about how the product or service is going to reach from the supplier to the consumer. Mainly supply chain management and logistics are interrelated as logistics monitors the actual competence of the flow of resources which is basically a part of the larger field of Supply Chain Management. Few supply chains are simple, while others are rather complex.

Logistic and Supply Chain Management is important for company’s success and for customer satisfaction. The complications of the supply chain vary with the range of the business and the complexity and numbers of items that are being manufactured. Logistic Managers and Supply Chain Managers make sure about the regular flow of product or service from resource to consumer which in turn helps in healthy growth of the business. One more significant part of Supply Chain is Liasoning which also provides plenty career opportunities.


Few courses offered in this field: -


  • Diploma in Supply Chain Management
  • Bachelor of Supply Chain Management
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Supply Chain Management
  • M.B.A in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • M.B.A in Material and Logistics Management
  • M.B.A in Supply Chain Management
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Materials and Logistics Management
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Supply Chain Management

Basic Eligibility



For admission into bachelor's degree a student must pass higher secondary examination or 10+2 or equivalent / 3 years Diploma from a State Board of Technical Education. The duration for this program is of 3 years.



For admission into master's degree a student must have a bachelor's degree with at least 50% marks from a recognized university or institution. The duration for this program is of 2 years.



Eligibility for Diploma Programs: -

For admission into diploma program a student must pass higher secondary examination / 10+2 / bachelor's degree / post graduate degree from any stream. The duration for this program is of 1 year.


Few specializations in this field: -


  • Marketing
  • Inventory
  • Transportation
  • Purchasing
  • Manufacturing
  • Planning

Job Prospects

Employability Scenario –


The Logistics value chain consists of three segments, namely Transportation, Warehousing and Value Addition Services.


Distribution of Human Resources


The distribution of Human Resources is described below –


Road Transportation Segment




Senior Management


Middle Management


Supervisory Staff


Worker Level



Railway Transport Segment




Operation & Maintenance


Health & Safety


Corporate Management


Support Functions



Ship Transport Segment




Sales & Marketing


Customer Service




HR Admin, Finance


Senior Management



Warehousing Segment




Senior Management


Middle Management


Operational Frontline-Line Staff


Source: Primary Research and IMaCS analysis


What’s the Growth Path?


Material & Procurement Roles –


  • Material Engineer (Rs 129.128 – Rs 810.399)
  • Material Manager (Rs 266.203 – Rs 2,740.997)
  • Production Manager (Rs 265.777 – Rs 1.193079)
  • Procurement Manager (Rs 347.070 – Rs 1929..860)


Logistics Roles –


  • Logistics Manager (Rs 242.714 – 1.698.776)
  • Logistics Analyst (Rs 181.207 – 794.634)


Supply Chain Management Roles –


  • Supply Chain Analyst (Rs 182.614 – 1.009.552)
  • Supply Chain Manager (Rs 305.594 – Rs 2.097.541)
  • VP-SCM (Rs 1.333.315 – Rs 5.173.678)


Transportation Roles – Transportation Manager (Rs 238.190 – Rs 457.814)


Inventory Management Roles – Inventory Specialist (Rs 270.000 – Rs 770.000)


Operational Roles –


  • Warehouse Manager (Rs 157.233 – Rs 1.0006.725)
  • Facilities Manager (Rs 280..724 – Rs 1.279.846)


Sales & Customer Service Roles –


  • Customer Service Analysts (Rs 118. 791 – Rs 476.781)
  • Customer Service Manager (Rs 226.214 – Rs 1.407.275)
  • Account Manager (Rs 302.313 – Rs 1.560.136)


Consulting Roles –


  • Supply Chain Consultant (Rs 348.356 – Rs 1.448.008)
  • Project Manager (Rs 567.284 – Rs 1.919.166)
  • Client Engagement Manager (Rs 400.000 – Rs 3.900.000)


How would a student be benefited by pursuing this program?


Students will again the following benefits -


  • Functional Skills – Functional Skills are those core elements that provide an individual with the essential knowledge and skills that will enable them to operate confidently, effectively and independently in life and at work
  • Practical Skills – Each student shall have to undergo a practical training for a period of not less than 50 days after the semester II exams.
  • Behavioral Skills – Personality development, spoken English and soft skills training improves the corporate skills of the candidate. It also helps enhance the employability.

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