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Media, Films and Mass Communication – At a glance

Published On: 28 Jun 2012 | Last Updated On: 04 Jul 2012

Mass media refers to all media technologies, including the Internet, television, newspapers and radio which are used for mass communications in order to invariably entertain as well as disseminate unbiased and objective information and generate public opinion regarding various issues concerning the society. In a predominantly democratic country like India, the power of press is superficial and journalist are esteemed as front runners in shaping up the society on par with politicians who at times, are dubious. A career in media promises to be amusing but at the same requires people who can be unfazed, gallant and enterprising. One special feature of media is its gate-keeping  and agenda setting ability by which it controls the free flow of news, information, and  entertainment in the society .Recent changes, privatization and advent of new media (online media) has completely transformed the media industry such that its quite impossible to fend off the implications of media in our everyday life. A career in media involves these fields- broadcasting- documentaries, television, radio, online media (including blogs, forums, etc) and print- newspapers, magazines, books, journals, etc.  Skills required for the aforementioned fields are creativity, commitment, hardwork, dedication and the in-depth knowledge of socio, economic,political issues.

A career in film and television is always fancied by the youngsters who get attracted to the money, fame and glamour it generates. Opportunities are wide open for talented professionals in the areas of acting, production, direction, editing, cinematography, choreography, photography etc.

Mass communication is yet another media related course that covers a wide array of fields like journalism, film making, P.R, advertisement, photography and so on.

Course details

  • Media education covers a wide spectrum of courses and its crucial to be clear and specific about the choice of career.
  • Film and TV courses are offered in diploma, post graduate diploma and even certificate levels and the subjects covered include production, direction, editing, cinematography, film processing, animation, acting, sound engineering, make up, photography etc.
  • Courses in mass communication are offered at different levels. One can opt for a diploma, PG diploma, undergraduate, postgraduate and even doctoral level programmes.
  • For undergraduate courses in media , 10+2 in any stream from a recognized Board is required, while for post graduate courses, graduation in any discipline from a recognized University is mandatory.
  • Short-term courses for three to four months in a specific field and extensive research Ph. D level course are also available.
  • The courses provide brief outline of media industry- How different forms of media work, organization structure, work pattern, etc.
  • The curriculum of the courses, specific for a particular stream, is designed in such a manner that it covers each and every aspect of the particular discipline.

Career Prospects

  • India is becoming the leading destination of global investors in this industry.
  • Various studies and figures reveal that Indian Media And Entertainment industry has significant potential of growth stored in it.
  • Lucrative career opportunities awaits people who are extremely talented and creative in their respective field of specialization which include production, direction, editing, acting, animation, sound engineering etc.
  • Film enthusiast can join film studios, production companies etc., to build a career in this field
  • Numerous reputed media organizations/groups like Times Group, UTV, Ndtv, Cnn-Ibn Adlabs, Sony, Sahara Group, Mukta Arts, recruit competent and trained media personnels.
  • One has an opportunity to become a film critic or film archivist, RJ, an Anchor, a news reporter or a VJ in any reputed media house with respect to his/her capabilities.
  • Advertising also offers number of job opportunities; one can work in media planning department, client-servicing, or in creative team.
  • After completing a communication course one could find lucrative job opportunities in public relations, newspaper, radio, television, publishing houses, advertising agencies, government organizations and many more.


Remuneration in media industry depends upon the field chosen by the individual and policies of organizations.

Generally, one can expect a salary around Rs. 10, 000 - Rs. 15, 000 per month (or even higher) at the beginning stage. The salary and perks could increase enormously once a person is well entrenched in the field.

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