Basic Eligibility


For admission into a bachelor's degree, the candidate should have M.B.B.S degree. Some institutes might also need the rank obtained in entrance examination. The duration of the course is usually three years.

Job Prospects

Career of an Anesthesiologist: -

Career in anesthesiology is one of the most beneficial areas in the field of  healthcare. The nature of work of an anesthesiologist is more relaxing. Anesthesiologists are physicians who control anesthesia prior to  a surgical procedure. They are only needed only during the operations and they are not required to stay in the hospital for hours together.

If a student is not interested to become a doctor, but he/she has a interest to work in surgical setting then they can explore a career as a CRNA. CRNA is an advanced practice nurse who also controls anesthesia for patients before and after surgery in absence of the anesthesiologist.

CRNAs perform essential duties of anesthesiologists, but they have to work at a facility where an anesthesiologist is on staff and can offer supervision such as quality control or as a emergency back-up when needed.

Any student who is concerned to pursue a career in medicine must volunteer at health care clinic or in any local hospitals to gain experience in working with nurses, patients, doctors and in health care. Anesthesiologists have a great requirement not only in India, but also in foreign countries.


After successful completion of the course, candidate can get employed in leading hospitals within India or overseas. The demand of anesthesiologists is always felt in hospitals. These students can earn a minimum initial salary of Rs. 15,000 per month. After sufficient practice for few years they can enter into the profession of teaching in the area of anesthesiology that has an attractive remuneration in international universities.

Few employment areas: -


  • Health centers
  • Laboratories
  • Nursing homes
  • Hospitals
  • Private practice

Institutes Offering B.Sc. - Anaesthesia Technology

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