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MS Abroad: Application overview

MS Abroad: Application overview

Studying in a foreign land away from home is truly an exciting thought. But let us remind you, planning the journey and reaching your dream destination is not an easy task. Sometimes you may even feel frustrated and drained out running around for all the required documents for your applications and visa. In fact applying to foreign universities is the most time consuming task of all. Hence, the golden rule is to start early, even if it means 6-12 months prior to the date of enrollment. 

Clear and systematic planning is crucial to avoid any loss of time during the application process as each university follows specific deadlines for every academic year. Applications submitted beyond the specified deadline will not be considered in majority of the institutes. As foreign aspirants most of you must be aware of the varying application process in the universities. However, we have tried to give you simplified yet comprehensive details regarding the general application process and requirements for graduate schools.

Your application to a graduate school is a compilation of all the documents; both academic and personal. Trust us when we say you need a lot of patience and an eye for details while preparing your application package. Having a knowledgeable person to supervise you in the entire process would be of tremendous help as a small mistake in the documentation can cost you your masters dream. Although the application and admission process vary across universities, some of the requirements and documents remain a standard. Listed below are a few common requirements:

  • An excellent undergraduate academic record especially in your major
  • Graduate Record Examination scores (GRE)
  • Statement of Purpose or Personal statement
  • Recommendation letters
  • Resume
  • Financial documents

Click here for details on the  Documents required for MS applications

Tips to remember:

  • It is always a safe option to keep photocopies all your documents and applications. Assuming you would definitely apply for multiple graduate schools, maintaining individual files for each of the schools will help in systematic and hassle free documentation.
  • It is recommended to follow all the rules of admission as specified by the educational institute. In case of exceptions or doubts, contact the admissions office personally for specific and complete details. This will help in avoiding mistakes.
  • Presentation of your application surely has a bearing on the impression you create in the minds of the admissions officer. Keep your applications neat, clean and legible.
  • In case of additional documents or certificates being submitted, always write your name and the identification number if any, on every document.
  • Allow yourself enough time to proof read your essays and application forms. Mistakes in them are not very appreciable. If your academic records are not really strong, personal statements and letters of recommendation can be a saving grace. Therefore, invest a lot a quality time in getting them right.
  • Make sure to check the deadlines and apply within the deadline. Applying within the time-frame would give enough time for the processing of your application.
  • If you are planning to study in the USA, pre-final students are suggested to start working on their profile as most of them ask for portfolio of your research or project work.
  • Thumb rule is to make an application time-table. Draft your plans for a complete year to evaluate your application process. Follow a step-by-step method to allocate all the targeted universities within the time frame.

It is a must for every aspirant to research on the universities that offer the required course and checking the entry requirements is essential. Stay focused and draft a plan to help you evaluate your progress in admissions. List out your goal needs and choose what suits you the best. Chatting with a few students and professors who have experienced studying and living abroad would prove helpful. Like we always tell, the secret of a good application lies in paying attention to details. Once you have made your choice regarding the university and the course, begin with the application process.

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