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Concerned on the fall of women students, IIT to increase 1400 more women students

Published On: 21 Apr 2017 | Last Updated On: 21 Apr 2017

According to opinions, the board is engaged over the fall in the number of woman students getting entry to the IITs. Moreover, last year, the Mixed Entrance Board (JAB) had set up a board under the chairmanship of speaker Jimmy Gonsalves to find techniques to increase the condition in the organizations.

"Due to social choices and tendencies in Indian local, by and large, it is the kids who are sent for training rather than similarly skilled children. Having conventional, paternalistic opinions, mother and father may believe that they are performing in the best passions of the ladies, that they are defending them from an aggressive community that they are planning them for an appropriate elegant part in life," HT exposed.

As exposed by HT, IITs will acknowledge more than 1,400 women from pick up. There would be an increase of 600 chairs i.e. an increase of 14 per cent. However, the regulators said that the actual wide range could vary and will be opt for year to year base. Worried about the existing sex inequality, the Indian Institution of Technology (IIT) has determined to give entry to more women candidates in 2018.

Further, the board also suggested giving benefit allows to all women students based on merit. The board also determined that all candidates will get seven models of assistance from the next academic session "The number of chairs for men candidates will not be affected and this will help IITs achieve the purpose by 2020. Also, only candidates who have already qualified in JEE-Advanced will be considered," an official included.

"The amount of the supernumerary chairs will be determined every year. The growth will not affect the existing number of chairs for men and the changes would provide over a more eight years. Also, the chairs left by woman students will be packed by a woman candidates only," an old HRD ministry official said in a newest PTI evaluation.

Link: India today

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