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Dont be stressed by the Online Examination Pattern: Useful Tips can help/How to take online entrances

Published On: 06 Sep 2017 | Last Updated On: 06 Sep 2017

We all are aware of the traditional method of taking examinations. In the traditional method, it is only pen or pencil and a paper is required. But the trend has changed and now most of the examinations and even entrances to prestigious universities and colleges are adapting to this means of examinations. JEE Main and Advanced are not the online entrances conducted online, there are other entrances too like VITEEE, BITSAT, SRMJEEE (UG) and much more. So, you should digest the fact that online exam is the latest advancement in the field of entrances and one has to get used to it.

When this online mode of entrances had begun a couple of years ago, not many took it positively. Most of the students found it difficult to cope. The good news is that this mode is getting acknowledged and accepted in the country as gradually everyone feels that it is more organized and safe than the traditional method of writing entrances.

It is true that many have got used to it, but the online exam is still a new thing for students from the rural areas and even some from the urban areas. Stress is quite common that is seen among these students when we talk about the online exam. There are a few tips that you can easily follow and get over the stress and anxiety pertaining to this entrance pattern. After all, your hard work should not go in vain for this factor.

Suggestions to overcome the fear of writing online exam

Before the entrance

Join a Computer Class: If you haven’t worked on a computer even for basic chores, you need to join a computer class that will make you get acquainted with the various keys. In a short span of time, you will learn the basics which will be the fundamental requirement for online tests. Once you have learned the use of the keyboards, mouse and where to point the cursor correctly, you will gain confidence. This is more important for students who are on the outskirts of the country and haven’t got a single opportunity to even feel a computer.

You will feel that the time in the computer class will be a waste. But that’s not true. You can invest one hour that too a few months before the entrance. This will be your time investment.

Mock Test: Practice makes a man perfect and the numbers of times you take a mock test, the better you get with the entrance pattern. You will not just be more adept to the system but will have hands on experience which will prove to be advantageous on the day of entrance. It is just like the rehearsals we do before our final performance at school. This is to ensure that everything goes well and there is no last minute challenge. Online examination depends on your practice and how well you are acquainted with the machine computer.

Understand the Format Well: When you know the format well, things will not be Greek to you on the entrance day. You are already acquainted with the format and you will go with the flow. Knowing the format A to Z also helps you in managing your preparation. You know how much time to devote in which section. With this calculation in mind, you will be a confident exam taker.

During the Entrance

Check the system allotted: As you enter the examination hall, you already have your heart beating at a faster pace. That is rational, so don’t worry. You should take a deep breath and then start checking the system that has been allotted to you. You see any problem; raise it to the person in charge. He or she should be able to get it sorted for you. If you ignore any sign even if it is a minor one, you may face problem writing taking the test later.

Instructions: Many students do the mistake of not reading the instructions well. It is important that you read them well so that no mistake is committed by you.

Time Management: Unlike your traditional way of writing the examination, online entrances have the timer already displaying on the computer screen. Even if you don’t have a watch, you are saved. Having the timer is not enough though. You need to keep a regular tab on the time because that is how you will know how to proceed with the next questions. Generally, most of the systems of online entrances have been configured in such a way that as soon as the time is up, the system automatically submits your answer sheet. You don’t want that to happen to you, do you? “Prevention is better than cure”. Remember this quote and take all the necessary steps you have to be confident with your online test.

Don’t let the fear of online examination patterntake over the knowledge on the subject.

Hope these steps will be your companion in the journey that awaits you.

Author bio:-Aditya Singhal is the co-founder of www.askiitians.com, an online coaching platform for IIT JEE, Medical and School Entrance exams. It is his passion and vision to help the engineering and medical aspirants that he along with his co-founder started with this venture. He had worked with Kurt Salmon Associates, a reputed American Management Consultancy.

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