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ETS to provide Major Field Test for business degree globally now

Published On: 04 Apr 2014 | Last Updated On: 04 Apr 2014

In what can be construed as good news for business management aspirants, ETS Major Field Test for bachelor's degree in business available in all parts of the world. It was reported that the ETS, the testing agency that conducts the TOEFL and GRE, conducts the ETS Major Field Test for bachelor's degree in business which measures student learning outcomes and accreditation and accountability requirements, was formerly available only in the US.

It was mentioned that the test has been widely used to measure graduating business students' mastery of business principles, concepts and knowledge in the United States for nearly 25 years. The assessment provides scores and comparative data on business-specific titles from nearly 1,000 US programmes and hundreds of thousands of students.

The report quoted David Payne, ETS vice-president and COO of Global Education as saying "The benefit for institutions that are establishing programmes and campuses around the globe is that they will be able to benchmark performance against established programmes within the United States and have all programmes share a common measure."

It was mentioned that the multiple-choice exam consists of 120 questions designed to measure a student's subjective knowledge and ability to apply facts, concepts, theories and analytical methods. The questions represent a wide range of difficulty and assess student achievement levels in nine content areas. The questions are aligned to accepted and established theories and frameworks, allowing effective cross-programme comparison.

The reports mentioned that the test also allows schools to add up to 50 additional, locally authored questions to the test. This feature provides the ability to customize the assessment so that the institution can measure elements tailored to the nuances or interests of their unique programme, in addition to the core concepts that business students everywhere should know.

The good news for Indian B-Schools is that it was mentioned that the Non-US institutions will be able to administer the Major Field Test for Business at proctored, on-campus locations. Institutions can use the test to measure the efficacy of the student learning outcomes of their bachelor's degree business programmes and also compare it with bachelor's degree business programmes within the US, it was reported.

Source: The Times of India

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