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Indian enrolment in US dips by 21% in 2017

Published On: 12 Mar 2018 | Last Updated On: 12 Mar 2018

A recent research report published by the National Foundation for American Policy (NFAP) revealed that the number of students from India enrolling in graduation level programs in subjects such as Computer Science and Engineering in the US dipped by 21% in 2017 in contrast with the previous year. Citing the NFAP study, the TOI report said that the number of overseas students enrolled in the American varsities slipped by 4% from 2016-17 and almost in excess of half might as well be attributed to fewer individuals from India pursuing Computer Science and Engineering at the graduate level last year.

Talent Pool

According to the report, Indian graduate students completing degrees in science and engineering at US universities were a major source of talent for US companies. As per the study of NFAP, a not for profit and non-partisan public policy research organization, based out of Virginia said that the Donald Trump administration's restrictive visa and work policies had impacted the prospects of attracting and retaining bright overseas students making a great contribution to the US economy.

Probing in Different Angles

As per the study, India's demonetization move, which led to severe cash shortage in India, might as well have played a key role in the downhill drop in Indian student enrolment. Apparently ruling out the move as a major trigger point, the study argued that given the number of Indian students visiting to the US for undergraduate programs in Computer Science and Engineering showed an upward tick of 740.

Discouraging Enrolments

It has been widely observed that the Indian students mostly visited the US for graduate programs, leading to a PG degree than undergraduate programs. As per the Union Ministry of External Affairs estimates, there were 206,708 Indian students pursuing education in the US last year. The study further said that the media reports and other information regarding the US restricting the ability of overseas students to gain employment after completing their studies could be discouraging enrolment, adding that the key to remember is that overseas students have more choices than ever before about where to pursue their studies and US policies on immigration and overseas students have certain bearing on those choices. Warning that to the extent the US is making it more cumbersome to work after graduation or come up with more draconian policies, it is less likely that overseas students choose the US as their destination to pursue their studies, the study went on to add that fewer overseas students visiting the US will have serious impact on the US students and varsities, as well as American companies and the country's role as a center of science and innovation.

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