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MS in Music Engineering Technology

Published On: 25 Jul 2017 | Last Updated On: 25 Jul 2017

The M.S program in Music Engineering Technology from the University of Miami is a two-year curriculum. It consists of graduate work in electrical engineering, digital audio, psychoacoustics and the psychology of music. To get admission to this program you need to have a BSEE, BSCE, or BSCS or equivalent degree.

The University of Miami’s aim was to provide top quality education in the field of music engineering technology to aspiring students, help in advancing of the fields of music recording, production, and reproduction, and help in advancing invention, design, and implementation of audio software and hardware.

About the Program

The University of Miami was among the first to offer both an undergraduate and a graduate degree in Music Engineering Technology and this program is ranked as one of the university’s top programs. The idea behind this program was to teach recording technology.  When other similar academic programs came into the picture that also focused on recording technology, the M.S program was upgraded to include hardware and software skills. It gradually added a minor in Computer Science and then modified it to a double major in Computer Science

Admission Requirements

You need to pass one of the language tests, IELTS or TOEFL to get admission to the M.S. program in Music Engineering Technology. This program is very much in demand, and admission is highly competitive. Your application will be considered on the basis of the strength of your high school grades, standardized test scores, letters of recommendation, essays, extracurricular activities, and award or achievements.

If you are from a different country than the United States of America, you will also need a student visa to study there. The student visa required is the F-1 student visa. This visa allows you to get admission to a complete degree program in the United States.

Program Structure

The following courses are a part of the M.S program in Music Engineering Technology:

  • Current Trends in Music Engineering I
  • Current Trends in Music Engineering II
  • Computational Psychoacoustics
  • Transducer Workshop
  • Psychology of Music I
  • Music Engineering Forum
  • Master’ Research Project

Program Fees

The program fees will cost you approximately 34,000$. However, you can check if you are eligible for a student scholarship.

Important Facts

Some things you might want to keep in mind about the M.S program in Music Engineering Technology are:

  • Admission starts from August but you can apply will December. However, for the exact dates, please check the university’s website.
  • It is a full time course.
  • There are 30 alternative credits.
  • The course is conducted in English.
  • The course is conducted on campus at the University of Miami.
  • If you are looking for a career in Music Technology, you can consider applying to this degree program.
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