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Private tuitions more popular in Asian countries: Study

Published On: 05 Jul 2012 | Last Updated On: 05 Jul 2012

A study has revealed that Asian parents spend huge amount of money on private tuitions for their children. Majority of parents practice this despite of knowing that it will not be much effective. The study was conducted with University of Hong Kong's Comparative Education Research Centre.

Asian Development Bank revealed that “shadow education” is a growing business not only in rich countries but also in many poor countries as parents always try to give best to their children.

About 9 of the 10 South Korean elementary children take private tuitions while West Bengal in India has 6 primary school children out of 10 taking private tuitions.

Other countries account for lesser ratios but the shadow is spreading gradually throughout the region and is intensifying. The result of the study demands our education system to be reviewed to discourage such tuition practices.

Many Asian parents perceive tuitions as a constructive method for young children to spend their spare time. The objective of extra academic work is to help slow learners and support high achievers. However, the study also revealed that tuitions leave no time for sports and other extracurricular activities for all-round development of children as well create social tensions since rich families can pay good amount for high quality tutoring.

It projected that the expenses of private tuitions in South Korea were same as 80% of government expenditure on public education.

Japan’s expenditure on extra teaching in 2010 was $12 billion while Singapore registered an expense of US$680 million in 2008.

The study also showed that in Hong Kong, 85% senior secondary students take tuitions and companies promote the services of “star” tutors on newspapers, televisions and back of the buses.

 Surprisingly, the study revealed mixed Results in East Asia where private tutoring is very popular.

It stated that a lot depends on the motivations and abilities of the tutors along with the motivations and abilities of the students. In several countries, private tutoring is offered by untrained tutors and the effectiveness of such tuitions is doubtful.

The study inferred that there is a need of state administration and regulation of the industry and also called for the requirement of a review of education system in Asia.

States should put questions on the need of tutoring in first place and how the mainstream could be changed to discourage supplementary tutoring in the country.

Source: Times of India

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