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The Experience

Published On: 07 May 2012 | Last Updated On: 07 May 2012

With chains, retail stores, offers, shopping experience, standards, customers are at their receiving best. Choices galore, anything we need is available when we walk in to the well designed, well laid out store. Everything has been taken into account, our tastes our aspirations, our budgets, everything. We have even segmented customers from the usual men - women to ethnic - modern to segregating babies to blues and pinks. It has somehow become a matter of prestige to shop from the AC stores where the display is on the racks!! Even vegetables  and fruits which we haven't eaten in our lifetime , old and stale from the cold storage looks better in cartons  than the fresh ones on roadside.. Who would walk in the sun? If we can buy a cream and a shampoo along with vegetables then why not?   



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