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Two Indians tops the Forbes' education innovators list

Published On: 14 Nov 2012 | Last Updated On: 14 Nov 2012

Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor, Anant Agarwal and Mr. Suneet Singh Tuli-the  inventor of the most affordable tablet Aakash  are the two Indians to top the list of Forbes magazine’s top 15 “classroom revolutionaries” for the application of the innovative technologies to revolutionize teaching methods used globally.

The list includes names of such 15 revolutionaries who contributed towards changing the current education system from the scratch. Praising the talent of Mr. Tuli (also the CEO of Datawind) the publication marked him as the “Mastermind” behind the world’s most affordable tablet computer-Aakash, which is an impending of new era in education system.  The Company Datawind is brimming with the advance booking of for the 35 dollar tablet PC.  However, Mr. Tuli is not among those who are bothered to beat the gadget leaders across the globe, but he is the man with a vision is to make such gadgets accessible to even those who have only been dreaming of it.

The success of Aakash by Datawind is evident by its win of the contract for a lakh unit of the product at a price of 49 dollar per unit. The tablet is expected to be launched in Indian as well with even advanced features like four-hour battery time, GHz processor, Android 4.0 OS and capacitive screen.

The 53 year old professor of computer science at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Mr. Agrawal does not only nurture the intellectual skills of the budding scientist at MIT but also precedes EdX since May, 2012. The programme already has over 400,000 enrollments. The measure has brought about a dramatic change in the way students can acquire knowledge and that too with an international standard throughout the world.  The concept of EdX blended with the ideas of Agarwal is continuously attracting partners, investors and is consistently expanding its domain with virtual laboratories and classes.

The rest of the rank holders in the list also include Mr. Salman Khan, the Bangladeshi-American who founded the Khan academy which is an online educational platform.  Mr. Khan who is a 36 year old young gun has created over 3,400 videos majorly covering the math and science topics. These tutorials have already hit over 200 million views on YouTube and have got more than 400,000 subscribers for the channel on YouTube.

Source: Times of India

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