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Why Studying Abroad Is Good!

Published On: 16 May 2017 | Last Updated On: 16 May 2017

Do you have a desire to study abroad? Parents force children to study abroad? As a student do you love to do your higher education abroad? Is the United States your preference or New Zeeland for a peaceful study? Will I be able to cope up with the dynamics of education? Will I feel home sick?  Does the word “Study Abroad” bring you a happy smile?  So it’s a lot of questions.

We, hear people, parents, teachers, peer groups recommending current students to choose their studies abroad.  Though he/she is excited, yet a thought about our IIT’s, IIM’s, and BITS take the forefront. These Indian institutes offer similar academics and placement opportunities so why? With no doubt our IIM’s and IIT’s are world-class institutions, yet, studying abroad has its own benefits.  Let me share with you some of the benefits:

Education: The education systemfollowed by other countries differs from your own.  Methods and systems of teaching and learning are different; you as a student get to learn more concepts and hands-on-training with the latest tools and modules.

Culture: India has its own tradition and culture. But, when you visit a foreign country, you get to learn a new culture. Eg: food, clothes, climate etc. You learn a new culture, as a student you experience tasting different cuisines, wearing woollen cloths which you dread at your hometown, meeting new people etc.

Language: Though India is a diverse country with different castes, creeds, and languages yet, as a student you get to learn a new language when you study abroad. You meet different people and learn words to converse with them. It is important to know the local language, atleast the basic words. By the end of the tenure, you master the language, which is an advantage for you.

Career Opportunities: A student gets a good exposure to work with leading multi-national companies either part time while studying or through a university placement.  You learn the new expertise from industry experts. Your application stands alone when you apply to companies at your hometown; you have an advantage amongst the applications received.

Internships: Students get an opportunity to attend an internship program. They interact with professionals, industry experts and learn the nuisances of the job.

Certification: This helps continue with higher studies, post graduation or research papers. Colleges/Universities would accept your application because of your graduation certification in a foreign university.

Studying abroad is always a dream come true for many students. Young minds are determined to explore.  Some months ago I met a marine engineering student, who completed his dual course at Glasgow College US.  It took me to surprise, his attitude has changed, and he showed more maturity in his conversation. He discussed on varied topics, ofcourse on the culture, food, places he visited, exposure to sea etc., so, this is what studying abroad can do. Got interested...Wow! Check out the universities abroad.  Write to them; get details, plan and fly. Because every day is a learning experience!

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