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Project Based Learning: An Efficient Way of Teaching at Avantika

Published On: 07 May 2018 | Last Updated On: 07 May 2018

Project based learning is an important tool in the education repertoire. It allows students to gain knowledge and skills by engaging with a complex question, problem or challenge. This learning tool provides tremendous benefits to learners and due to its hands-on learning quality, is used by the best engineering college in MP, Avantika University. Avantika University is India’s first design centered university and has design thinking at the core of all its courses. The unique academic model at Avantika, which blends the principles from the disciplines of design and technology, features it among the best computer engineering college in India.


A dedicated team of design and engineering professionals and academicians have drawn up the value-driven, project-based education framework followed at Avantika. What sets Avantika University a class apart from other institutes is the spirit of innovation inculcated in students, collaboration across disciplines, a culture that fosters learning by doing, a dynamic student life, a faculty-student ratio of 1:10, and a learning ecosystem that extends beyond academic boundaries.


The learning pedagogy is a mix of various traditional and modern tools of learning. At Avantika, project based learning is used to build and enhance the following in students:

  1. They learn to engage in meaningful, structured collaboration.
  2. They learn to see multiple perspectives and nuances.
  3. They learn project management by taking ownership of the project process.
  4. They develop a maker mindset which is the ideal mindset for designers, engineers and entrepreneurs.
  5. They become problem solvers and critical thinkers
  6. They develop iterative thinking


The benefits of project based learning are as enormous as seen above. Avantika University uses this, along with other tools of learning such as experiential learning, activity based learning, blended learning, storytelling, flipped classrooms, contextual learning, game and game design and many such powerful tools which maximizes learning and also makes them one of the top mechanical engineering colleges in India. They aim to nurture and cultivate young minds to develop into empowered and informed citizens. To learn more about this prestigious institute, visit:http://www.avantikauniversity.edu.in/.

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