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Trending Jobs for MBA Graduates

Published On: 19 Jul 2018 | Last Updated On: 19 Jul 2018

The demand for MBA graduates is increasing in the recent days.  The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) reported that 75% of employers surveyed intended to hire MBAs in its “2015 Year-End Poll of Employers,” with 85% citing that the number would be the same or even increase from the year before.




Chief Technology Officer

Chief technology officers establish a company’s technical vision and oversee all aspects of technological development. They manage the technology team. The job description also includes the overseeing of Research and development and special projects. Chief technology officers establish technical standards and ensure adherence to the standards.


Financial Manager

Financial managers help companies meet their fiscal objectives. In activities as varied as raising capital, handling mergers and acquisitions, and assessing global financial transactions, financial managers are also involved.


Health Services Manager

To help ensure healthcare businesses run smoothly, the expanding and diversifying healthcare industry requires knowledgeable managers. Health services managers make sure companies adhere to government reforms to healthcare delivery. They oversee the work of doctors, technicians, and clerical workers. In large facilities they typically manage a department, such as patient care services or finance whereas in small facilities, they may oversee or co-manage an entire healthcare facility.


High-End Management Consultant

To stay relevant and competitive, high-end management consultants provide the focused direction companies require. They typically specialize in a specific industry. They help companies and government agencies solve management problems, and they help companies control costs, maximize profits, increase worker productivity, and increase efficiency.


New business regulations or establish an online business will be managed by High-end management consultants. They provide advice to chief executive officers, chief operation officers, and chief financial officers and other top executives.


Information Technology (IT) Director

IT directors manage computing resources for organizations in just about every industry. They ensure a company’s information technology is continuously available and secure. IT directors are responsible for the management, strategy, and execution of IT infrastructure for a company.


Investment Banker

Investment bankers help companies, organizations, and government agencies raise money in the capital markets (equity and debt). Strategic advice regarding mergers and acquisitions and other types of financial transactions will also be provided by investment bankers.


Investment Fund Manager

 The investment of money for organizations and individuals will be directed and financial advice will be provided by Investment bankers. Investments are made in stock markets, real estate, and other markets. Investing involves many complex aspects such as:


Marketing Manager

New markets and new customers will be sourced and obtained by marketing managers. Their objective is increasing sales and profitability. They research trends, identify opportunities, estimate demand, and develop marketing campaigns. They also identify a company’s competitive advantage and seek to sustain it.

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