What is the cost required for MOOCs?

Published On: 27 Sep 2013

 | Last Updated On: 17 Oct 2013

Mostly, the MOOC courses are offered courses free of cost. At MOOCs site you can get a brief introduction about a concept, complete content, an online book and a good video may accompany the content where the faculty will be explaining the concept and making it easy for you to understand; you would get such materials free of cost. But there may be some concepts that are quite expensive and the faculty may find it better to offer it for some cost; such concept will have hidden cost and you may have to pay some fees to get access for the same.

Apart from these there are many universities that are offering their courses through MOOCs for which you may have to pay fees through safe online mode of transaction available through the site. You may find it economical to get registered to such courses compared to the cost of studying the course directly at the university as you can get certification at the end of the course.

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