Benefits of MOOCs

Published On: 27 Sep 2013

 | Last Updated On: 17 Oct 2013

MOOCs are one of the hottest topics of discussion today and there are definitely strong reasons for the world to talk about the same. A MOOC platform offers all kind of courses based on one’s interest, convenience and time. MOOCs offer a number of benefits to the students, please find a few mentioned below:

Reaches out to a huge audience: The MOOCs model utilizes a technology, which delivers education to a huge audience irrespective of their physical location. MOOC providers can also use any online tools that are relevant to their students, depending on their needs. This whole technology, hence, does not only reduce effort in teaching the same topics over and over again, it also provides online solutions and reduces the time consumed in this whole process of teaching and learning.

Free of Cost: The biggest advantage MOOC courses has over other online courses is that it if free of cost. Students can join any course of their interest and not spend a single penny to pursue the courses from the convenience of their home.  

No boundaries: Regardless of the physical location and various time zones of the audience, MOOC has the capability to travel across any geographies and time zones to quench the thirst of knowledge seekers.

Flexible timings: MOOC platforms make it extremely easy and less time consuming for a student to register and commence his/her preferred course. It just needs the students to register themselves and can be initiated immediately after the enrollment is done. Also, a lot of courses in MOOC are self-paced, which give the learners all the right to control the start, speed and end of their course.

Knowledge sharing hub: Learning on MOOC platforms happens in a completely informal environment. The students feel very much at ease and they feel free to share their thoughts and opinions with others without any hesitation. MOOC ends up becoming a platform of knowledge sharing.

Option to choose any course: People interested in learning can cross boundaries of their subjects and take up any subjects to study further. This helps people in gaining knowledge in as many streams as possible. There is no need of any certification or to get a graduate degree in any particular subject to undertake a MOOC.

High level of interaction: MOOCs are designed in such a way that the participants very soon get into the mode of sharing their thoughts with others. This helps them generate and collate different ideas and create their own content. It incites in them, the skill of creativity and critical thinking.

Digital literacy: MOOCs are online courses and need people to have digital literacy. Hence, people who are digitally not very sound, become tech savvy by the time they have completed one MOOC. It is their eagerness of learning that encourages them to try out the digital platform for learning.

Helps build a network: MOOC helps learners build a huge network by helping them interact with other students. This community of students stays in touch and lasts forever helping each other generate ideas.

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