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Published On: 28 Sep 2013

 | Last Updated On: 17 Oct 2013

MOOC was initiated with the aim of bringing quality college and university education to the masses. The term MOOC became popular in 2012 when Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng launched the first of its kind online learning platform, Coursera. Since then, Coursera has been the torchbearer of this model of education and continues to lead the path.

Some of the popular MOOC providers are:

  1. CourseraCoursera is an educational technology company and one of its kinds to bring the concept of MOOC to the world. Coursera partners with top universities and organizations around the world to offer online courses for anyone free of cost. It was founded by Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng, who were employed as professors at Stanford University then. Coursera offers MOOCs in the streams of Humanities, Medicine, Biology, Social Sciences, Mathematics, Business, Computer Science, and many others and holds the highest rank in MOOC providers by covering maximum number of subjects. The courses on Coursera are very informative and descriptive and use video lectures as their basic medium. A lot of courses offer options to display subtitles in languages other than English. Almost all of the courses provide a certificate after completion of the course. A peer review system is followed for courses such as humanities & social sciences and their related assignments, since an objective standard review may not be applicable there.
  2. UDACITYThe second best player in the MOOC spectrum is UDACITY. The company operates with the belief that higher education is a basic human right and runs on a mission of bringing accessible, affordable, engaging and highly effective higher education to the people of this world. It is a for-profit organization and unlike MOOC, it offers courses for an affordable fee. The fee is very nominal when compared to the whole curriculum fee, a college or university charges. UDACITY, initially covered subjects such as computer science, engineering and mathematics. With time, there were a whole range of new subjects that were added to the list. A specialized course on Entrepreneurship presided over by retired serial entrepreneur Steve Blank gained a huge popularity. 
  3. EdXEdX focuses on students and helps them transform into skillful learned people through cutting edge technology, innovative pedagogy, and rigorous courses. The number of streams available is less in edX when compared with others however; they are well varied over a range of verticals. edX is also famous for its structured content, which is very descriptive and explanatory. edX uses videos as their major medium to share knowledge. edX also offers courses in other languages – which means, the courses are not only available as transcribed texts, the whole format of the course can be made available to a student in a foreign language.  edX has made mastery certificates available for all the courses it offers. Proctored certificates are also provided on an additional fee to make the education credentials of the student a lot stronger. The students are encouraged to participate in the forums of edX, which has been devised as a great platform of knowledge sharing and interaction for the learners.
  4. Canvas NetworkThe next best player in providing MOOC is Canvas Network. Canvas is positioned as a platform for teachers, learners and institutions to promote open online learning that makes sense for every stakeholder involved. Canvas gives teachers and learners a very unique growth opportunity where they apply their millions of thoughts and share it at one platform, which eventually produces some amazing Results to be shared with the world. What sets Canvas apart from other players is the access of MOOC, since it provides to a lot of colleges other than only the top colleges and universities.  This, in a true way, acts as a higher education provision to all in the world.  
  5. FutureLearnFutureLearn has partnerships with 22 universities in Britain, as well as one in Australia and one in Ireland. Partners in Britain include the Universities of Birmingham, Bristol, East Anglia, Exeter, Leeds, Southampton, and Warwick, as well as Cardiff and Lancaster Universities, Queen’s University Belfast, and King’s College London.
  6. IversityThis company focuses on a structured course environment and uses multimedia teaching materials extensively. The assessment feature followed by Iversity is through multiple choice options and peer review. This helps in engaging the students and providing qualitative and quantitative feedback. Iversity offers a discussion board for students to experience a peer-to-peer learning by interacting with each other, sharing references or general observations. 

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