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  • Hey. I was wondering if the admission process for online MBA programs were different and more lenient. Could you please provide me with some information regarding the admission process? Thanking you in advance. By nikhil11672, On 27 Sep 12 2 answers Tags: online mba programs admission

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  • The online MBA programs offered by NIBM are very lenient. The entire admission procedures is online and even the payment for registration can be done online. The classes and examinations are conducted online in a very systematic way. Go through the official website of NIBM for more. By george49179, On 23 Jun 14
  • Hi Nikhil. Online MBA admission procedure varies from the admission procedure for regular MBA program. Though, some programs may have specific requirements, some requirements remain a standard for admissions into online MBA programs.While some schools and programs just require undergraduate degree (low requirements schools), there are schools that have certain specific entry requirements more than just a degree (medium requirements school). Admission into certain programs becomes challenging as these programs requires the candidate to meet all the entry requirements, which are quite difficult to manage. However, the common requirements for online MBA programs include:
    Standardized tests
    Academic records
    Letters of recommendation
    Resume and Work experience.
    For details on the admission process, visit By divyashree76232, On 27 Sep 12

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