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Practice Test - Deduction Launch Test Discuss

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Deduction based problems one in which a set of condition is given and one has to deduce certain facts from these . The answer to the question in obtained by looking at all the facts coherently. Let us consider an example to see how deduction or be made





Six companies A, B, C, D, E and F belonging to six different sector viz, steel , software, FMCG, petrochemicals, automobile and electronics are from six different countries viz. India, Germany, Holland, Korea, US and Britain. One company operates in only one sector and only one country. Following information is available

  1. A is petrochemical company and neither from Holland nor from USA.

  2. C is Germany company in the Automobile sector .

  3. F is neither in the software sector nor in the Automobile sector .

  4. B is neither in steel nor an Indian company.

  5. The steel company is Korean origin.

  6. E is the electronics sector and F is an British company

Which company is of Indian origin ?




In this problem we have identify the correct company - sector - country set. A - petrochemical company is a fixed set of data which will go as it is, let is draw a table and is the information given above





Not Possible








Steel. India
















Software, Automobile


Either D or F is a steel company, Hence from (5) and (6) we can say that D is a Korean company then, as Germany Korea and Britain are already there and as A is not from Holland or USA , A must be Indian origin - I

B must be software - II

Then the company from Holland may be either in the software or in the electronics sector - III

Hence company of Indian origin is A.




Refresher Test - Deduction Launch Test Discuss

Practice Test - Deduction Launch Test Discuss

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